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Retired and on the Rocks, Book 1
Love Is Blind...and It Don't Pay the Bills Either, Book 2
Souls on (B)Oring Street, Book 3

Retired and on the Rocks Reviews

4 Stars! "In the first Denim Blues mystery, Wiesner pens both an excellent love story and mystery while bringing the Lord's words and forgiveness into the story to help Sylvia with her healing process." ~Cindy Himler for RT Book Reviews

5 Stars! “This is an excellent start to a newest series by author Karen Wiesner. With a mixture of Nick and Nora Charles, throw in a little bit of Perry Mason and you have a page turner that will keep the reader involved in the plot right to the very end.” ~Miss Lynn's Books-N-More

“RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS is the first in the Denim Blues Mysteries by Karen Wiesner, the author of over one hundred novels. Her tagline is “Creating realistic, unforgettable characters one story at a time.” And she does it well. Her characters are realistic and flawed, her stories well-plotted with numerous twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep readers turning pages as they personally get to know each of the main cast. A strong Christian thread throughout the novel suggests the belief of the author, and her main character, and is a pleasant addition to the story without causing readers to feel pressured to change their viewpoint. Although there is more than one thread to the story, the author is able to keep the novel smoothly and swiftly moving along. Emotions are often strong and used in an appropriate manner. It’s obvious to this reviewer that Ms. Wiesner takes her time to get her stories ready for public consumption. We are looking forward to the next installment in this series.” ~BellaOnline's Mystery Books

5 Stars! “This is an excellent start to the newest series by the author Karen Wiesner. I’m reminded of some of my favorites from the past: Nick and Nora Charles and Perry Mason. This is a real page-turner. It held my attention to the very last word. Mystery fans will not want to miss RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS.” ~Readers Favorite

5 Stars! “Once I saw this title, I couldn't help but think of Frank Sinatra! I liked that Sylvia was a tough woman to beat when it came to work but her common sense about love and right and wrong took a nosedive when she need it the most. How could she think that she had ruined her mom's life with one correct action and to not see what stared her in the face? I didn't like Denim and his woman-chasing ways while still trying to convince Sylvia to give him another chance. As partners in a private detective business, they had tracked down the drug dealer, but they never expected who it was or what would happen next. When Den got hurt, he wanted to give the business up, and Sylvia knew she had a tough job on her hands to get Den back on the team!” ~Linda's Reviews

4.5 Stars! “This is a story that presents wonderful characters, romance, mystery, and a forgiveness message in a clean, fun and engaging read. Denim is sexy, charming and handy to have around in a crisis. He has recently retired from his private investigation (PI) business because of a bullet wound. The injury and danger to himself and his partner, Sylvia, has caused him to take a look at his life and where he wants to be and who he wants to be with... specifically his ex-partner, Sylvia. Sylvia was a police officer before she went into the PI business with Den. She really loves Den but hasn’t been able to get beyond some secret hurts and fears from her past to allow her to feel worthy of love. Her former police partner, Orlando is another close friend who loves her too. Although the men vie for Sylvia’s heart they are mature in their behavior. Sylvia misses Den and is sure he won’t be happy retired from the excitement of the PI business. She jumps at the chance to call Den in to help on a new case and he makes haste to get to the office to be with her in the hunt. They have been asked to find a missing 6.1 carat engagement ring. The flashy “almost” bride, Naomi, reveals that her would be groom, the wealthy town mayor, Thomas, walked out of the wedding when he found her in the closet with the best man. Oops! Now he wants the ring back but she claims it’s lost. The mystery unfolds while Sylvia and Den engage in sharp, snappy dialogue with lots of humor that will make you smile. Underlying the romance and mystery is Sylvia’s emotional and spiritual struggle. The faith based messages are not preachy but are clear and direct as part of the characters’ life fabric. The emotions and mystery keep you pulled into the story from start to finish as you read to discover Sylvia’s secrets, how she resolves her love choices and how they solve the mystery. Ms. Wiesner has a great talent for writing real to life characters and issues with warmth and humor. If you enjoy inspirational stories, romance and mystery this is a story you won’t want to miss.” ~Martha for Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

4 Stars! “This was a great tale. It had all the things I like in a story. Great dialogue, a mystery that I couldn't figure out, and a great leading couple. As I was reading the story, what came to mind was the TV show Hart to Hart. This story sorta had that feel to it except the lead couple are not married. I really liked how the author held the mystery a mystery until the end and then it's all laid out. I thoroughly enjoyed Denim and Sylvia (although I was a little frustrated with Sylvia at times for not trusting Denim). Orlando was a great guy, too. One thing I appreciated was the way that Denim and Orlando reacted to each other. Though they both had feelings for Sylvia, they behaved like grown men. This is a story that kept me turning pages and was difficult to put down. If you enjoy a clean romantic read with a great mystery, then I recommend RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS. Looking forward to LOVE IS BLIND…AND IT DON’T PAY THE BILLS EITHER.” ~Sherry for Love 2 Read Novels Blog

4 Stars! “I do not read much Christian Romance, but, when I do, Karen Wiesner is one of my absolute favorite authors. This story will clearly show you why. This is the first mystery in a new series. The case involving an expensive ring begins and ends here. It is a stand-alone tale. The private lives of the main characters get equal time. The author does not force religion down the throat of the reader, but the characters' beliefs certainly help each one to deal with personal troubles. I find this jewel to be a fulfilling story of trust and faith. Memorable!” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Kisses! “RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS is a nice, sweet mystery with a little touch of romance. It’s perfect for someone wanting a clean read. There is sexual tension between Denim and Sylvia, but they do not act upon the tension. It is a nice touch. I cannot wait to see how their romance heats up in subsequent books. I very much like Denim and Sylvia. Neither will speak out loud their feelings towards one another. It is fun to watch them as they work together and struggle to hide their feelings towards the other. I liked that the author made it easy for me to simply enjoy the story and its conclusion. Ms. Wiesner has written a clean, beach read that is fun. I look forward to the next installment of the series so I can revisit Denim and Sylvia.” ~Sheila for Two Lips Reviews

"This is a terrific inspirational mystery that grips the audience with the early introduction of the partners. The storyline is character-driven, especially by Sylvia who carries a ton of baggage on her heart and soul. She knows God forgave her long ago but has not forgiven herself so believes Den deserves much better than her. The case is sold, but it is the relationship between the lead protagonists who provides a terrific opening Denim Blues Mysteries." ~Harriet Klausner for Follow the Clue

“A strong heroine with a gut wrenching past and a devilishly charming hero solve the mystery of a missing engagement ring and piece together the puzzle of their own relationship. RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS is the first Inspirational mystery I’ve read, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. While faith is a strong undercurrent of the book, it’s definitely not preachy or quoting Bible scriptures. In between investigating the mystery of the missing ring, the story shifts perspective back and forth between Denim and Sylvia which gives an in depth view into both characters. The byplay between Sylvia and Denim is delightful and more often than not, playful. I would have to say RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS leans more toward romance than mystery. The plot is solid and interesting. The second half of the book picks up speed as Denim and Sylvia progress in their relationship, and the action heats up in solving the mystery. RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS is a wonderful mix of faith, love, and crime solving. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.” ~Rosemary for Long and Short Romance Reviews

5 Stars! "Compelling and real…a great read! I enjoyed reading Karen Wiesner's RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS (Denim Blues Mysteries, Book 1). It's well-written just like the other books I've read by this talented author. If you like a lot of romance in your mysteries, then this book is for you. It’s emotional and a page turner. I also enjoyed the way Karen inserted humor into the story with her crisp dialogue between Sylvia and Den. By the way, it’s an inspirational book and faith is a huge part of the strong heroine’s life but it isn’t preachy. I highly recommend RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS." ~author Diane Craver

“RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS opens your heart to Den and Sylvia who both seem to be able to find the best in each other and bring that out. There are a few twists to the story including Sylvia having to choose between two men who both want the chance to love her. With a little faith and hope, Denim and Sylvia will find the road they have ahead of them will be easier together.” ~Single Titles

5 Stars! "Strong start to Denim Blues Mysteries Series. Karen's tagline is 'Creating realistic, unforgettable characters one story at a time.' And she does it well. Her characters are realistic and flawed, her stories well-plotted with numerous twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep readers turning pages as they personally get to know each of the main cast. A strong Christian thread throughout the novel suggests the belief of the author, and her main character, and is a pleasant addition to the story without causing readers to feel pressured to change their viewpoint. Although there is more than one thread to the story, the author is able to keep the novel smoothly and swiftly moving along. Emotions are often strong and used in an appropriate manner. It’s obvious to this reviewer that Ms. Wiesner takes her time to get her stories ready for public consumption. We are looking forward to the next installment in this series." ~Edie, Amazon Reviewer

Love Is Blind...and It Don't Pay the Bills Either Reviews

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award Winner! “Karen Wiesner has another winner on her hands! Once again, I've embarked upon a series created by Ms. Wiesner which grabbed my attention from the beginning. I do not normally like to read mysteries. However, her writing style kept my interest once again. Wiesner has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her ability to write across genres assures that many readers are constantly reaching for her books. She isn't afraid to attack the more controversial situations in a Christian's life. Examples of this are the scriptural command to “be not unequally yoked” as well as abstinence from sex until marriage. These characters are outstanding and so compelling. It was easy to get involved with them, as well as the many others that rounded out the storyline. The hint of book number three in the series excited me also. The action was intense at times and she presented us with another shocking ending. I highly recommend this beautifully written, emotional book to everyone. You will definitely be glad to have read it. She has hooked me on a whole new set of characters and town.” ~Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! “This book has strong Christian undertones. I truly enjoyed the story. There are several subplots to keep the reader interested. This book is just as good as, and maybe better than, the first book in the trilogy. It is easy to recommend this book." ~Readers Favorite

5 Stars! “Author Karen Wiesner writes stories that will not only entertain fans of mystery and romance, but also warm their hearts with Christian faith. Readers will not find any hot, steamy bedroom scenes to fill pages (which often entice readers to skim or skip pages). Instead, this story will test your wits, give you a beautiful romance that is blind to skin color, and leave you with a deep feeling of satisfaction. Totally fascinating and very inspirational.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4.25 Stars! “This is a lovely story of renewal of faith and virtue and the sorrow of bitterness. The mystery includes some red herrings in suspects and some evil that Keeya didn’t recognize. I enjoyed the mystery and suspense as well as learning more about the visually impaired. I especially liked the message that the freedom that God gives comes with consequences for the choices we make. I enjoy this author who writes wonderfully real characters and life-like stories.” ~Martha for Reviews for Martha’s Bookshelf

5 Stars! “What’s not to like when a man saves himself for the right woman? Detective Orlando Bateman loved his former partner on the police department Sylvia, but she didn’t return his feelings when he finally got up the nerve to admit the truth to her. He’s still coming to grips with the heartache when Keeya Nilsen enters his life. Keeya has mixed up lust with love time and time again, ending up hurt and betrayed. But this time the wrong man might be a criminal when she discovers her grandfather's unpublished and handwritten Blues compositions are missing. Keeya is a survivor of the airplane crash that took her parents from her and left her visually impaired. Her closest friend Blair also lost so much in that tragedy. I suffered for Blair, who was horribly disfigured from the crash. Having to look at Keeya's beautiful face couldn’t have been easy. Because of all the catastrophes that have happened in her life, Keeya has lost her faith in God. Orlando and Keeya have fought and continue to face intense, remarkable battles: personal tragedies, romantic devastation, and grappling with what it means to be a Christian in a world where it’s easier to simply conform and do what feels good. I couldn’t read this tear-jerker fast enough.” ~Linda's Reviews

4 Stars! “LOVE IS BLIND…AND IT DON’T PAY THE BILLS EITHER is Orlando Bateman's story. We met him in RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS. Orlando doesn't know how he'll ever get past the love of his life choosing to marry another man until he meets the beautiful Keeya Nilsen. Keeya is visually impaired from a plane crash that killed her family. Her best friend Blair also survived the crash but her face is badly marred. Blair takes care of Keeya's visual needs. After the man Keeya's been dating disappears and she finds her bank account empty and a chest of hand written songs by her famous Blues artist grandfather missing, she seeks the help of the police. As Orlando searches for answers, his feelings for Keeya are quickly becoming stronger. Men have always used Keeya for their own personal gain but somehow she senses safety with Orlando. This story had a lot going on. We got to know Orlando much more closely in this this story and what a great guy he was. I really liked how he described to Keeya what love was and then quoted 1 Corinthians 13. (Sigh)! I appreciated that Orlando never compromised his belief that a physical relationship was reserved for marriage. (Not that the desire wasn't there). He lived out what he said he believed. That's important! Keeya was a sweet character. I liked watching her grow and gain courage she didn't know she had. Orlando was very supportive and made a difference in her life because of it. I fell in love with Orlando's family, too! This is an inspirational read but deals with mature subject matters and so I would call it 'edgy'. There are a few 'words' in the story, but I felt they were true to the characters who were saying them. I would have liked to see a little more of Den and Sylvia but they did make some cameo appearances. You could read this as a stand-alone but you get a much better understanding of the storyline if you read RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS first. Another great page-turner. Looking forward to SOULS ON (B)ORING STREET.” ~Sherry for Love 2 Read Novels Blog

4 Kisses! “LOVE IS BLIND…AND IT DON’T PAY THE BILLS EITHER, Book 2 of the Denim Blues Mysteries was better than RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS, Book 1 of the trilogy. There has been growth in Orlando, the hero, and I like how he has developed. He comes into his own. I saw a different side to him. He is hurt that Sylvia chose Denim McHart (the heroine and hero in the first book) but, as he helps Keeya, the heroine in this book, he realizes that Sylvia may not have been the one for him. I liked that Orlando is big and strong and protective. I believe that is what Keeya needs. As the story develops, she does not know who to turn to for help or who to trust. Orlando is there for her.

“I like Keeya. She may be partially blind, but she lives her life. She takes risks that cause her pain, but she keeps getting back into living her life after each hurt. She is smart, but her world is small. Knowing that Orlando is beside her helps Keeya develop traits that have lain dormant because no one has pushed her to open herself to others as Orlando has. As the case develops, Keeya has to open her world to the huge outside world she has not dealt with often. I liked how Orlando taught her about God without being preachy about it. I thought it was appropriate that Orlando’s sexual feelings were acknowledged by himself. I felt a sexual connection between Keeya and Orlando, but I found Orlando’s explanation of why he would not act on them believable and realistic. Keeya needed to know that not all men, or at least the ones she got involved with, were users. There were some red herrings scattered along the way, but I did figure out what was going on with Keeya’s uncle. I did not figure Blair out for the longest time. She was a hard character to place in the story because she was so low key and helped Keeya go about her daily life. Orlando’s family was cool. They were accepting and loving, but not above meddling if they did not think Orlando was doing right by the family. Keeya’s “family” was a contrast and contradiction to Orlando’s. I loved the title. It’s catchy and fun. I would have picked this book up just because of the title. Denim Blues Mysteries is a good series. There are the mysteries that need solving and there is romance. If you are looking for a clean read, this is the book and this is the series for you. It’s wonderfully written and it’s nice to see the hero and heroine acknowledging God in their lives.” ~Sheila for

4 Stars! “The second Denim Blues Mysteries tale has a strong heroine dealing with a handicap and a shy hero who must present an alpha persona. The mystery is intriguing and the characters share a warm relationship that grows into love.” ~Susan Mobley for RT Book Reviews

“In LOVE IS BLIND…AND IT DON’T PAY THE BILLS EITHER, the second book of the Denim Blue Mysteries, Karen Wiesner delivers another spectacular story based on faith and hope. The mystery that unfolds is compelling and keeps you guessing until the end. I thought the way that Orlando and Keeya have to let go of the disappointments of the past, in order to create a future, really had an honest quality that made the story very believable.” ~Single Titles

“This is a super romantic Christian police procedural starring two people who—if they can let go of recent relationship hurts—can have a wonderful future together. Orlando is shocked by his attraction to Keeya as he ponders how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Keeya is more complicated as she feels fickle that she is attracted to the police detective but has only Blair to remind her of men she liked who let her down; in Keeya’s mind this includes God. With a delightful late twist, readers will appreciate the second Denim Blues Mystery.” ~Harriet Klausner for Genre Go Round Reviews

4 Stars! "Good combination: real characters, mystery with suspense and sweet romance. This is a lovely story of renewal of faith and virtue and the sorrow of bitterness. Detective Orlando Bateman is more than happy to stay busy investigating cases especially to help him forget the loss of the woman he has loved for so many years. Sylvia (see Retired and on the Rocks: Denim Blues Mysteries, Book 1) cherishes Orlando as a friend but she is soon to marry Den. We discover as the book proceeds that Orlando has not dated as he believes that intimacy should only take place in marriage. Orlando meets Keeya when Den brings her into the station to report the theft of money, credit cards and, more importantly, her grandfather’s unpublished music compositions. Orlando is a big Blues fans and recognizes Keeya’s grandfather’s name and music. He is immediately drawn to Keeya’s beauty even as he is mindful of her visual difficulties. Keeya lost her full sight when she was injured in the plane crash that killed her parents. She lived with her grandfather and another crash victim, Blair. Blair suffered severe damage to her face and in spite of reconstructive surgery her face is still disfigured. Blair has taken care of Keeya for years, being her eyes and helping to guide her. Keeya was betrayed by her first husband and a second boyfriend too. Now she has to report to the police that her latest boyfriend has stolen from her. She is embarrassed and ashamed that she has made very bad choices with men. Orlando and Keeya draw close as they search the clues and confront the thief. They share their pasts and Orlando helps Keeya to see that God did not abandon her but she has stepped away from Him and His loving guidance. The mystery includes some red herrings in suspects and some evil that Keeya didn’t recognize. I enjoyed the mystery and suspense as well as learning more about the visually impaired. I especially liked the message that the freedom that God gives comes with consequences for the choices we make. I love the story lines and the writer is gifted. I will read more of her books.I enjoy this author who writes wonderfully real characters and life-like stories. I’ll be reading the third book in this series, Souls on (B)Oring Street: Denim Blues Mysteries Book 3, soon." ~MSEreads, Amazon reviewer

Souls on (B)Oring Street Reviews

4 1/2 Books and Book of the Week Nominee! “Ms. Wiesner has written a good, solid mystery with engaging characters. Erin is a complex soul, and you can understand why she feels the way she does about men and empathize with Ty as he tries to get her to open her heart to him. Past and present are interwoven in this story. It is a good story and I enjoyed reading it. Ms. Wiesner makes her characters real and you won’t have any doubt about how they feel and what motivates them. You’ll find yourself rooting for Erin’s happiness, too.” ~Long and Short Reviews

4 Stars! “Author Karen Wiesner aims to please with this, her third mystery set in Briar's Point. Unlike many stories involving mysteries and romances together, this author does not push the main characters into bed. Half the story is a mystery with a bit of danger and suspense. The other half is a Christian Romance that will give readers cause to stop and reflect upon their faith, as well as warm their hearts. Backgrounds of the main characters are well developed and their attitudes are sympathetic to any reader who may be going through anything remotely similar (romance wise or medical). The writing style flows smoothly and has thoughtful dialogues. Attention is given to even small details, such as vibrant descriptions of people and their feelings. But most importantly, this story will satisfy a broad range of readers and no one need fear should a minor pick it up and begin reading. Ambrosia for the heart strings!” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Stars! “SOULS ON (B)ORING STREET was the third book in the Denim Blues Series and was Tyler Shaw's story. We met Tyler in LOVE IS BLIND…AND IT DON’T PAY THE BILLS EITHER, Book 2 of the trilogy. He's Orlando's partner. I fell in love with Tyler! He was so quiet in Book 2 that I wasn't sure about him, but he really comes to life in this story. His quiet strength, gentle ways and sweet words were captivating. I loved the way he handled Erin. He was so patient with her. I thought it was so neat that Erin loved to cook and be at home. She was a very loving and caring woman. I enjoyed watching Sylvia (from Book 1) and Keeya (Book 2) seek out friendship with her. It made me want to be in the group! Yes, there is a story behind the street name, but you have to read the story to find out what it is! The mystery doesn't really develop until about half-way through the story, [and] it keeps you guessing. There is an unexpected turn at the end that was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed this whole trilogy and am looking forward to Red Velvet Mysteries where we will revisit Den & Sylvia, Orlando & Keeya, and Tyler & Erin once again with some new mysteries to solve. I can't wait!” ~Sherry for Love 2 Read Novels blog

4 Stars! “I just finished SOULS ON (B)ORING STREET and found the story very captivating. It is a romance with some sleuthing in it. I love the cover. It is well done and colorful. It portrays the theme of the book to a T. This story clean and tasteful, and I could recommend it for young adults and up.” ~Readers Favorite

4 Kisses! “SOULS ON (B)ORING STREET, the third in the Denim Blues Mysteries, is a quick, easy read. The story is character-story. This is definitely Erin’s story. I felt I came to know Erin very well. She is not a flamboyant character. She is quietly strong and steady. She is a comfort to those in her care, whether it is her sisters or her patients and their families. Ty wants to be around her because of those qualities. Erin has to deal with her past. She is fearful emotionally because of that past. She and Ty are opposites, just like her parents were. Her sister Jacey is also opposite of her. Having to deal with her past through her interactions with these two in the present brings the conflict into the story. Erin is not always right or perfect but she observes, reasons her feelings out, and is able to explain the what and why of her feelings and actions. Erin is also humble and can admit to being wrong and moving to right things. I wish she was my friend. Ty is strong. He is a shoulder for Erin to lean on when necessary. They complement each other very well. I rooted for all to work out for them. I also liked that Ty could admit his wrongs from his past and wish he could undo them. I liked that he was Christian and did not preach about it but lived it. I liked revisiting Sylvia and Denim as well as Orlando and Keeya. These are a good trio of friends now. All are supportive of each other and live their lives as proof of their Christian upbringings. Very nicely done! I also liked the introduction of Erin’s sisters, Paige and Jacey. They are still pre-teens but are observant and live their lives by the examples set for them. Though twins, they are individuals with very different wants and needs from each other. They are a nice contrast because I saw both sides of issues raised through their interactions. I enjoyed the Denim Blues Mysteries and look forward to reading more of this trio’s adventures in Karen Wiesner’s new Red Velvet Mysteries.” ~Sheila for

4 Stars! “This mystery story includes warm characters, realistic scenarios and interesting life issues. I really liked Ty’s strong and reliable character. I also liked Erin’s warm personality. The book is full of interesting discussions. There are arguments on the pros and cons of recreational hunting, the pros and cons of celebrating Halloween and how to react to spiritualists. Also the story reveals difficulties in proving criminal cases of coercion. Once the story moved into the mystery it was…very engaging and moved quickly. I appreciate Ms. Wiesner’s smoothly descriptive writing that reveals realistic characters in real life mystery scenarios. I also enjoy the faith based messages that are not preached but are woven into the story. I liked that the first two books in the trilogy were included in this story. This was a nice addition to the series but I would recommend reading them in order.” ~Martha for Reviews for Martha’s Bookshelf

“This is a nice finale to this trilogy, which places the main focus on the relationship and romance between the heroine and hero.” ~Susan Mobley for RT Book Reviews

5 Stars! “I loved that Erin and Ty remained friends for so much of their lives, even when they kissed as teenagers. It can be frustrating when the examples you have of marriage (usually your parents’) mess you up so badly--as was the case with Erin and Ty, who could have otherwise been happily married as they were meant to be. Erin's dad triggered so much gossip, Erin felt like she had a scarlet "A" stamped on her forehead! With so much love and faith in God, Erin wants to help others as a hospice nurse, little realizing she’d become an amateur sleuth in the process. Detective Tyler Shaw can’t imagine loving another woman, so he has to exercise patience and faith until she realizes she’s the only one for him, all while helping her solve the mystery. Souls on (B)Oring Street on a tender love story that filled my soul with goodness and love!” ~Linda’s Reviews

“Hospice nurse Erin Shanley lives in Briar’s Point but works in the nearby big city of Riverbend. She and her neighbor police detective Tyler Shaw love each other, but she has a relationship commitment phobia having watched her womanizing father break her mother’s heart; especially when he nastily denied her younger sisters Jacey and Paige were his and even claimed they were Erin’s offspring. Two years later when their mom died Erin raised her siblings. Psychics move in next door, which reverts Boring Street back to its real name of Oring Street as they are anything but ennui. However, Erin becomes concerned when her hospice patients misplace jewelry and sign over their inheritances to the psychics. Unable to resist because dedicated Erin wants the end-of-life experience to be as smooth as possible, Erin investigates. Tyler struggles with his beloved canine Ned dying but still has her back as he has since she came home. Erin will need him when someone notices her snooping. The third in the Denim Blues Mysteries proves Ty and Erin are wrong about their street being boring as this is an exhilarating amateur sleuth. The storyline is driven mostly by Erin, who places herself in danger with her inquiry and her distrust of males due to her role model whose accusations led her to be Briar’s Point Hester Prynne and leaves her unable to have faith in Ty. With two stunning, late twists, fans of the series will relish this terrific entry.” ~Harriet Klausner for Merry Go Round Reviews

5 Stars! "I love this whole series. Karen Wiesner is a fantastic author. I will read more of her books." ~Amazon customer



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