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Tyler Sanders  - The Boulevard Agency & Dying Eyes

6. What were your first goals for The Blvd. Agency?
- What are your goals now?

My first goals were to get unsigned bands shows out of their region, I feel like we need to push bands to tour on their own if the music they right has meaning. Some of the best music out there is music that alot of people will never hear because the bands playing dont have label support.

My goals now are to get bigger, to get more national. to help out the music scene as much as possible rigfht here in iowa as well as working with bands from all over.

Tyler , David Allen Coe and Dago Mike
@ Recent Blvd show Peoples

7. What do you want people to know about the Blvd Agency?

We just want people to know, we are working our asses off to do whats right. we get alot of emails from alot of bands, we are just taking our time on some stuff so we dont mess things up. in music, there is always something to learn and that means on stage and behind the scenes.

8. Who are your favorite bands?
What inspire you to write ?

My favorite bands are unsigned bands, I listen to alot of bands that are just bands for the love of music. they are the best bands, no big wig labels making the music for them, they have flaws in the music and it shows character.


9. What’s in your cd/mp3/itunes player at this moment? 

An awesome band from Florida named "Unsaid".

10. What’s your favorite “rockstar moment” - last time you signed an autograph/ partied with a rockstar story ?

My favorite rockstar moment was when I got to get on stage with Flaw and sing payback with them, my last autograph was a few days ago at child support recovery, they always ask for it as they take all my money.. i dont party like a rockstar, it is overrated..


Of Iowa City
Appears @ House of Bricks
Memorial to the Troops May 25th

11. What bands are totally “underated” right now – and in he past?

Right now, i would have to say Easteighteen from Iowa City. they are awesome, really diverse. In the past I would have to say 35 inch mudder, you didn't think i would say that huh..lol

12. Who on the local scene has grabbed your attention ?
Junk Poet , Deified , Calous, Easteighteen , and AGONY OF DEFEAT.

AgonyofDefeat Agony of Defeat  - We noticed they are one of the bands slated to play the August 1st Clearwater Beach Show.

12. Personally who has inspired you – family friends music teachers?

My Father-in-law, he talked to me about making commitments and seeing them through. that's how I try to live now, oh and my awesome wife Tara.. and my brother Matt, who was injured in the service and now has to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

13. What are the best and Worst things about living in Des Moines?

The best thing about Des Moines is that it is so small, I have lived in Seattle a
couple of times and I hate the big city life, Des Moines is just like the show cheers, everyone knows your name...

Dying Eyes
Monke (Left) - Tyler (right)
Hanging with the Twisted Brown Trucker Band

14. What has been your favorite gig to dates –as a band ?

Five Finger Death Punch, that show was sweet.

15.As a Promoter?

David Allen Coe

16. What is your Worst gig – horror story ?

Singing with Primer 55 in St. Louis, I forgot the words to the song I was singing. Talk about dumb.

17. Who do you like to listen to that the band would give you would you crap for liking?

Tracy Chapman

18. Tell us one short thing about each band member they don't want us to know?

Chad likes chinese, Chris has a freak sock fetish, Heath likes animal porn, Mark's real name is Matt, and Monke likes gay strip clubs.

19. What is the toughest part about promoting bands and events?

The stress of wondering if the show will turn out good. making sure everyone has a good time.

20. Favorite live show or Festival you have been too ?

Back stage at slipknot in Denver, Co.

"Big D" waves and
often Share the Stage with Dying Eyes


Tyler Belts it Out !  (another Mouce Image)

21. Any 4th major summer plans?

Chillin with the family

22. What did we forget to ask – plug or who did we forget to have you thank?

The only thing I can say is the people who help me everyday make this go, Dago Mike (Blvd Ink), Tara, Tracy, Denny Harvey, Mouce, Jeff at the skate shop, all the people in the scene who come help us at our shows.. those are some cool people..

Thanks Tyler ...for the interview & helping
to Keep the Music scence Alive !!
You ROCK !!