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Second Side - ( April / May 2008 )

Tim Clingan-drums,Mike Bates-vocals, Freddy C-guitars, Mike Burg-bass

    1. Who is SECOND SIDE and whats behind the name how did it come about.?

    Mike Bates-vocals, Freddy C-guitars, Mike Burg-bass,
    Tim Clingan-drums.

    The name
    came from the song entitled SECOND SIDE. Its the black soul, the dark corner of everyones mind. Everything good has a touch of evil!.

    2.  Where is the band
    going from here? (what's your next move?)

    We have just done our last gig with our bass player Mike Burg. Unfortunatley he will no longer be with the band but will still be involved with booking the band and the website. Our new bass player Keith Marschel bring experience and solidifies our rythm section since he used to be in a band with Tim. We are playing our first show at Shooter's Hideaway on Feb. 9th and are currently working on booking shows for the rest of the year. We will be working on the next CD to be entitiled "Liquid Eye" this summer.


Mike Bates

Of Second Side

    Who did you work with on the recently released CD and where can I get a copy?

    We were produced by Jerry Richardson at George Daily Auditorium in Osky. The guys down there are so cool to work with and have killer equipment.

    You can get a copy
    of our CD at any of our shows or through www.cdbaby.com or go to our myspace page : www.myspace.com /secondsidemusic.

    4. Who are your influences?
    Fav singers local and big time.

    I don't know about influences but
    there are a lot of great vocalist in Iowa to name a few I would say Peltz from OAPH, Matt Beigger and of course Corey Taylor. I grew up listening to Priest and Iron Maiden so they have influenced me over time. My top fav is Geoff Tate from Queensryche.

  5. Tell us one interesting fact about Second Side and each of it's members.

Myself and Freddy have been best friends for years. He used to run sound for my cover band DR X back in the day. We finally got together and decided to form a band. Tim moved back from Arizona and I have always kept in touch with him because he is such a great drummer and a really good friend. So we invited him in and all we needed was a bass player. Freddy and myself were at Waterstock 3 years ago and ran into Mike Burg. He went and bought a bass rig and Second Side was formed with Tim writing the song SECOND Side and we all deciding to name the band just that. Tim and our new bass player Keith have been friends and jammed back in high school so when we were looking for a new bass player Keith stepped up to the plat and really has made a great addition. We are more of a brotherhood than a band.


6. Who have you been jamming with the longest? Hows the new Bass player working out?

Tim, Freddy and I have been together for close to four years now. Keith is an awesome bass player and has most of our songs already learned and has put his own twist on them. We can't wait to write new material with him because he brings so much to the table.

7. Whats in your CD palyer right now?

Hell Yeah!! I also been listening to a band called Operator. The singer sound like Chris Cornell.

8. What is your Vocal Gear set up? ( effects, mic, anything you do b4 a gig sing a song you don't do live? Do u drink tea?

SM 58 wireless mic, mx200 processor and tweeq eq. I do drink tea and honey before some shows and other shows I just warm up the chords by doing singing exercises. I always stretch out and ask for my sister who have passed to give me that extra strength before I go on stage. RIP Lori and Brenda.

9. Whats was the best Live show you seen in 2007 Recap on it.

I would say the Ozzy show. My son Brodie's first ever rock show at the age of 6. Lewis he still talks about that Ozzy bat you gave me for him. A big thanks!!!

He will never forget it, people were coming up to him and asking where did you get that bat? That was so funny!! The show sounded so damn good for Vets!! I was very suprised.

Plus your bat made it up to Ozzy's mic stand thanks to Zakk Wylde.

10. Tell us a gig horror story (worst gig Ever)? (Best ever Gig?)

The worst ever gig was in Waterloo Iowa. My bass player and I went to jail after the first night on our way back to the hotel. We did end up playing the next night barely. The heater went out in the van on the way home and it was way cooled. The best show was our CD release party on Freddy's birthday in June at Shooter's.

Ok we will presume Mike is innocent at the time of posting this ..since this story could be about another band ...

Micheal on Bass

Anaujiram above ..
Ruthless  below

11. Other bands you have been in ? Can you list of all of them. anybody famous get up and sing or jam w/ ya on stage?

DR X, Penatrator, Ruthless and Zero Tolerance. Corey from Stone Sour got up and jammed because I was sicker than sick and Corey knew it and helped me out.

Hey Did you forget one ?

12. What was your 1ST paying Gig and where and how much?

Wow it was a biker bar on the east side I think it was named Juggheads we made 300 dollars.

13. What's your favorite saying? besides Stars4iowa F'in Rocks hehehe,


14. What are some your favorite shows you have done to date ?

Wow there has been so many the one that stands out is HAWGSTOCK. It was unbelievable the things that go on on private property plus they had a shower stage!!!

15.Also Mike its that time of year so what would you do if you were President?

Cancel taxes for people like us and tax the shit out of the companies!!


Tim kicks it out @ Hawgstock


16. When and why did you start singing? and do you still enjoy it.

My sister Brenda and I were swimming at camp dodge her friend was going to try out for a band singing that night she invited me to go. Craig Trobough's band I listened to her friend sing and the band was jammin. My sister said Mike sings and they had me jam with them. I got up and did some Halford screams and got the job and never looked back. The rush of being on stage is the best high you can get without drugs. I still love singing to this day.

17. Have you lived in Des Moines Iowa your whole life?

I have lived in DSM my whole life with the exception of 2 years in Corpus Chrisie Texas.

18. Any Real Musical Vocal Training? Have you Study with anybody we know? thats Famous?

Not really I love watching other singers and steal some of there ideas. I remember getting the Geoff Tate singing lessons through the mail.


19. Whats your Favorite cover and Original songs to do Live and why?

- Favorite cover would be Fight for your right by the beastie boys its just a party song and people in the audience get a chance to sing. My favorite original to do live is a song called HUSH it is such a great song with great melody.


20. Last time somebody asked you for a Autograph? And Last Autograph you asked somebody for?

We played a show on the east side at D's Main Gate and I singed a couple of CD's for some people. The last autograph I got was from the whole DEF TONES band. Those guys are really cool!!!

At ShooterHidaway Above  @ Old House of Bricks Below

21. Hey Mike Do you want to Thank anybody, any fans, myspace.com friends, think of this spot like it was the on the back of the CD cover.

I would like to thank my brothers in SECOND SIDE for always having my back. RIP my dad Ron Bates, my oldest sister Laura Phillips and my sister who started this whole thing Brenda Bates. My mom who still comes to all the shows or at least most of them. My two kids Callie and Brodie my girlfriend Stacey, and Shooters Hideaway and House Of Bricks for the places to play. And a special thanks to Lewis and Patrick and the rest of the staff at Stars4Iowa for the support over the last few years.
Lewis thanks for setting up our myspace and doing the Godsmack contest DVD without you we would be lost, you guys are the meaning to support live music in Iowa.

All the bands that we have had the pleasure of playing with Rukus, Grinwire and OAPH. Also to all of our friends and family for their continued support of what we do.

So anything else we need to know mike? Maybe something we fogot?

We will be releasing our new CD Liquid Eye sometime this year so keep your eyes and ears opened and thanks!!!

We will be releasing our new CD Liquid Eye sometime this year so keep your eyes and ears opened and thanks!!!
In Closing please vist Second Side myspace website if you have'nt already !


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