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This Month Victim : Erich Tran of ONLY

ONLY is : (Left to Right ): Erich Tran (Guitar) Joe Shields (bass) & Sol Bales (vocals)
Sal Ramirez (Drums) Mark Reinking (Guitar)

    1. ONLY, Who are they and what do they do ?

    ONLY is a dysfunctional plethora of musical genres
    that does what it wants.

    2.  A new CD release
    straight ahead for  "ONLY.".
    What is in the title "IMMORTAL?"

    "Immortal" is a song on the album that questions the validity of the human race.

    3. So tell us what the
    plans are for the album and to promote the new CD.

    The plan is for everyone to go out and buy the new album at your local retailer and CD shop (CD Warehouse/Homers/zzz Records). We just got a distribution deal with ONLY! Music in Australia as well. Check it out on CD Baby ...to the right  ..

    4. How did this project differ for you from others ?

    This project was three years
    in the making. We’ve gone through some drummer changes, tons of songs & riffs that didn’t make the record, and all kinds of obstacles that prevented us from moving
    forward as a band. So it tooka lot of effort and time to create these songs and record them. It’s truly a miracle that it’s actually coming out!!!

    We recorded the whole album (12 songs) at Catamount Recording in Cedar Falls, IA with Producer, Tom Tatman (he produced Stone Sour).


Erich Tran


We’re working on other forms of distribution in the U.S.

along with www.cdbaby.com
& I-tunes.

5. How long have you guys been together as a working band, how did you meet? ?

We’ve been together since 2001 as ONLY. Joe Shields (bass) & Sol Bales (vocals) have been working together since 1998 in a previous band called, W.A.D.


Duece : Kiss Tribute - Erich as Ace

6. What bands do you like to hear occasionally - that we would likely go, no shit …wow ...guilty pleasure type music .

    I love 80’s metal- pretty much all of it, even White Lion. I also like listening to Norah Jones, Enya, Nelly Furtado, some Shania Twain... (yes I said Shania Twain.)

 And what about your ONLY band mates?

  • Joe - He doesn’t listen to music- except for kiddie music.
  • Sol – My Chemical Romance, nuff said.
  • Sparky - LOA, and I can’t think of anything outrageously lame at the moment.
  • Sal – He listens to all kinds of crap as well, I can’t think of one that stands out over the other at the moment.

    6. What bands have you been in - any other we would know in those acts?

  • Ravage, Vengeance, Desecration, A-band, Black Magik, The Erich Tran Solo Experience, W.A.D., DEUCE ( left ) ,  and ONLY (above) .

   7. Who are your primary influences musically?


8. . Have you studied music, taken lessons, when did you start playing guitar?

I started playing guitar on Jan. 9th 1990. I went to Guitar Center in San Francisco to buy a drum set because I wanted to be like Eric Carr and the sales guy told me that I would need way more cash so I ended up buying a guitar on the spot because KISS also played guitars. So it was really a chance thing. I guess I’m a drummer at heart.

I’ve taken a handful of guitar lessons when I first started playing. I also took music theory classes in high school and college. But I wouldn’t call myself a theory guy at all.

Erich & Mark Reinking ( Aka  - Sparky)

Erich Tran Kickin Ass with ONLY

9.What band are you totally tired of hearing or hearing about.

I’m not really tired of anything at the moment.

10. Who deserves  much more credit and exposure?


11. Recently ONLY did some select covers at a show - what made you chose these tunes - is fair to say these are some of your favorites ?

Totally. After working so hard on writing and recording our album we just wanted to blow off some steam. We’ve always talked about doing something like that and since the album was finally done we chose a few songs and rehearsed a few times, and did the show, which was a blast!!!

We ended up doing: Faith No More – From out of Nowhere, Megadeth – Peace Sells, Type O Negative – Black No. 1 , Pantera – This Love , and Anthrax – I’m The Man (with me on drums) and the rest of the guys doing all the rap vocals.


12. Guitar tech talk, what's in the rig - what is the one thing you have to have?

I have to have it all. :)

Guitars: 2- ESP MII CUSTOMS, ESP HORIZON, Ace Frehley model Les Paul, Nuno Bettencourt N4 Washburn, Fender Classical.

Amp: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (discontinued rack mount version), Mesa 4x12 & 2x12 Recto cabs. With a bunch of line 6 & boss effects, Korg tuner, Monster Power conditioner & cables, AKG wireless.



ONLY @ Catamount Studios with Producer, Tom Tatman

13. What songs stand out on this CD and in the past that you and ONLY have done.

    Not to sound conceited, but every song on this album stands out in its own unique way. I really love them all. But if I had to pick a few I’d have to say, “A Minor Setback,” “3 Martyrs,” and “The Hunted”. As far as older ONLY tunes, songs that have survived through the years are “What Have I” & “No Escape”, but for fans they like them all.

14. What is the biggest or best gig you guys have done to date ?

    One of my personal favorites was 2003 VEISHEA (Iowa State University’s Battle of the bands) because the crowd energy was amazing! And because we won when metal bands never win those things. Biggest gig I have personally done is with Deuce last year in front of 1500 people.

15. What show was a nightmare?

Back in the W.A.D. days we train wrecked and couldn’t recover. That was the one and only time that has ever happened in my life.

16. Tell us something we don't know (most wouldn't) about:

Mark Reinking – If you piss Sparky off enough he’ll slam his Gibson flying V through the floor!!! No pun intended!

Joe Shields - closet UFC fighter.

Sol Bales (Is Sol his real name ?) - Sol is about the only person that I know that is as obsessive about the band as I am. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves and is dedicated to the band, but Sol and I could be put in to a mental institution and work on ONLY stuff all the time and have a blast.
His full name is Solomon.

Sal Ramirez - His real name is Celestino, and he’s not Italian.

17. What is the connection to Shine Clothing?

We’ve got an endorsement deal with their clothing line.

Mark Reinking

Joe Shields

Sol Bales

Sal Ramirez

18. What is going on with Deuce - any show plans?

It looks like Deuce will be performing on Wednesday Oct. 31st, Halloween night at Prairie Meadows and possibly again in early 2008.

19. We decided to ask your band mates (Deuce) for a few suggestions - here is what they suggested for questions?

  • Erich, what was rehab like? Sweet, I got to hang out with Tommy Lee & Ace Frehley.

    **** (FYI: For anyone that doesn’t know me, I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs.)
  • Was it hard putting the bottle down after so many years of excessive drinking?

    Of course it is. Just ask the rest of the deuce guys!
  • Can you respond to claims that you have fallen off the wagon and have been seen around town in drunken stupors on a nightly basis?

    All the rumors are true.
  • Is it normal for you to scream like a little girl when someone is on fire?
    Sure it is, ask Aaron Plaskas of TCD/Deuce and he’ll tell you how
    high I can really scream.
    And ask him about his pants.

  • How far do you think I could punt your dog if I had to?
    Ten yards would be fair unless you’re wearing frilly platform boots with rhinestones & stars on it while dancing around, then 2 feet.
  • Have you seen this? (Point below the waist)
    I’ll have to pull out the “spectacle” to see that.
  • Why can't you grow facial hair?
    I still haven’t gone through puberty yet and my mom still drives me to band practice.
  • WAD of what?
    Of some dumb guy.
  • Why can't you be wasted and funny all the time like the real Ace?
    Because I’m already drunk on POWER!!!!
  • From graham aucoin - no question, you're fired.
    Sweet, I’ll give you your P nnnn L statement!!! Now go get me my Dunkin Donuts!!!

20. What is your favorite live show you have been to in the last year? Why?

I finally got to see Paul Stanley on his solo tour up in Maplewood
(St. Paul), MN and it was freaking amazing!!!

21. What did we forget to ask?

“When is the CD Release show and what are the details?”

FRIDAY OCT. 19TH at the House of Bricks

(2-shows) (525 E. Grand, in Des Moines):

5PM: ONLY, The Cassandra Disease, & Deified

9PM: ONLY, Awakened, & Slyde - $6




22. Where is can we pick up the CD ?

CD Warehouse (in Des Moines Area), Homer’s, ZZZ Records,
Blvd. Ink (Ankeny) & Hastings (Ames)
FYE www.cdbaby.com ; and more to come.

Go to www.myspace.com/onlyband for more info on ONLY!!!

Thanks Erich ! You and ONLY ROCK !

Lewis says ...
Your a officially proclaimed
Erich "the Rock star" Tran now :)
You'll soon be world famous!


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