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Lindsey Morrison

Linsey Morrison

Of The Lin Moe Band
& Side Effect

    1. Lindsey - what is new with you and musical endeavors ?

    We know you have worked
    with Side Effect in the last
    year, are there plans to continue - start new ?

    I think Side Effect is done.
    Our last gig all together was at the Stars4Iowa show at House Of Bricks on Nov. 26th...Kevin Morrissey is in the band Lap Dogs now with Lance Harrison and Gary Benson.

    Jim Tharp is in a band called Cathedra, And Joel Andreas is currently working with Can of Worms and Mosh Libido.

    I am always up for doing more shows with the original line up of Side Effect, I love all those guys you never know.

    Currently I am in The Lin-Moe Band...with Joel Andreas, Frank Stahl, and George Civitate "LIKE"
    us on facebook,
    and come out and see a show soon! You can also find videos of us on youtube! We usually open for bands as of right now, mainly Mosh Libido. But we are always adding more songs, and soon we will be doing shows on our own. I am really excited to be back on stage,
    I can never stay away for long on facebook we are
    The Lin-Moe Band.

    2. You have been in several bands , and played with many local musicians - can you name them all ?

    2. Oh wow! If I leave one out I
    will feel like such a douche bag hahaha. Okay, here it goes... Gary Benson, Kevin Morrissey, Jason Engen, Tom Murphy, Lance Harrison, Vince Sabatino, Joel Andreas, Jim Tharp, Fix Brown,
    Joe Kernes, John Longo, Travis Thompson, Dave Thrift, Keith Petrosky, Kelly Starrett, Franky Stahl, George Civitate, Brian Lincoln, Chad Shwarts, Richard Schmitt,
    Jeff Lahey, Chris Chandler, Brian Thompson, Steve McLain.


    3. When did you start singing - what was the first band ?

    I started singing very mom always said from the time I could talk, I was singing. I remember singing karaoke at The Viking in Altoona when I was 7 years old. My first official band was 3 AM Band. It was Gary Benson (on bass) who found me on :) Kevin Morrissey on drums, and Jason Engen on guitar.- that was the original lineup when I joined. Later on, Tom Murphy and Lance Harrison joined. I jammed with my brother,Steve McLain of the Jefferson County Green Band a lot though before 3 AM...I guess that was the first real band I ever got to sing with.

    4. Have you ever taken vocal lessons ? Are there any teachers / friends family that played a key role, in developing a style ?

    I did take vocal lessons. I think I started at age 11...and stuck with
    it for a couple years. I had the best vocal coach, Paul Dieke. My brother definitely played a key role..he is a musician, also. I remember him singing and playing guitar ever since I can remember. I had really awesome parents who played
    music all the of all genres...from all decades. That really helped.

Lindsey Morrison - With The Lin Moes


The Lin Moes : Lindsey , Joel , Frank Stahl, and George Civitate

Lindsey & Steve Mclain

5.Do you play any instruments - if so what - for how long?

My brother tried to teach me guitar when I was young, but I didn't stick with it. I play tambourine...thats about it, lol. I always focused on singing...but I aspire to learn how to play instruments

6.What do you do to prepare for a show - superstitions .. any vocal warm ups ect ?

I have to listen blast music!
It's usually STP. I warm up by singing along.
-And I always have my fluffer on standby.( LOL)


7.Who are your major ( professional) influences - and why is it t - you think they have had that strong a influence?

The Doors are my brother introduced me to them very young and I was captivated by Jim Morrison. I love his presence and his poetic lyrics.

Patsy Cline was another huge influence, I have been listening to her since I can remember- I would always sing her songs. Singing "Crazy" at karaoke at age 7 would always surprise people, lol. The emotion she puts into every song is what I love most. I think that really stuck with me. Queen, Mamas and the Papas, The Judds...I could go on and on.

Side Effect

Side Effect - Lance Harrison, Kevin Morrisey
Lindsey Morrison, & Waxrod / Joel

8. In the bands you’ve played in - who are the people that have helped you build on your vocal talents - expand your horizons ?

I would have to say Gary Benson...he always believed in my ability. Also Joel Andreas...he often calls me his "muse" ...he has definitely given me confidence in my talent.


9. What is your favorite gig to date - why ?

My favorite gig was at B&M tap in Panora with 3 AM Band. It was a Halloween gig, and we all dressed up. It was SO packed and I have never had more fun!


Gary Benson

Lindsey and Gary Benson


10.In keeping with our traditions ..what gig was a total cluster *#&@ - what happen ?

LOL, where do I start?!

One story sticks out...playing at Papa's Corner in Ames with Moneyshot. My guitar player went head first into the floor during a song. (too many jager bombs) I also had a bit too much to drink that night, and I was making up my own lyrics to songs.

I guess while I was singing "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry, a girl from the audience came on stage and kissed me...but I do not recall this. After the 4th and final set was done and we got off stage...I tried to get back on stage thinking we had another set to do. -lets just say, the next morning...I wasn't in good shape.

11. What are mics - effects - equipment are essential to doing a good gig - can’t live without - (or at least help a hellofalot)

I can't do a gig without my fan!!!

HAHAHA! I get pretty hot on stage...and the hair blowing effect doesn't hurt ;) a good effects processer, a preamp, and a good sound guy makes all the difference in the world. I like my inner ear monitor, as well.

Guilty pleasures - what do you love to listen to that friends . other band friends would give you grief about ?

Eddie and the Cruisers (John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band) I don't care if I get jumped, LOL, I love them! I have also been known to belt out an Air Supply tune :) I like REO Speedwagon, and I love singing things from Evita...and I love Phantom of the Opera.

Side Effeect V2

Side Effect - Kevin Morrisey - Lindsey - Jim Thorpe

3 AM

 Lindsey plays Green Days with 3 AM

12. What concert or live performance that you have seen recently inspire you - is there one in the past that really has stuck with you as awesome?

I have seen STP twice and Velvet Revolver at Val Air...that was the most awesome show. Scott Weiland blows me away...he is amazing to watch. And I just recently saw Jonny Lang, and he is beyong amazing. I was in awe of him!

13. If you could put together a live show (of say 7 -10) - of all your favorite singers and bands ..the concert would include the following ?

If we are talking about today... it would be The Doors
of the 21st century, Pearl Jam, STP, The Cult, TOOL, Evanescence If we are talking about dead or alive... The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Pearl Jam, The Cult, Alice in Chains, Elliott Smith, Queen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sublime.

14. There is often a lot of pressure on singers to be the “leader of a band” - what are some of the difficulties - and respecting the band ?

There is a lot of pressure,especially since I'm a girl. I try to be just as good as the boys!!! I think when it comes to a girl fronting a band, people judge more and don't take you as serious as they would a guy. I have had to learn how to speak up and voice my opinion on things...otherwise, people will (and have) walked all over me. Every member of the band is have to respect your bandmates.

15. When it comes to writing and recording, vocalist are most often at the center of this - what have been some of your past experiences ? Do you have any future plans ? (What recording have you done - any future plans)

I would love to write and record some originals.
That is something I really want to do. I have written a few songs...but I need to collaborate with other musicians and write more. I have recorded a few times, it has mostly been cover songs.

I recorded an original song when I was 14 called "Me and My Broken Heart" written by Chris Chandler and Brian Thompson...we did it in one take, but I really love it. When I play it for friends they think it sounds like a Jewel song.


16. Do you have any advice to those who are looking form bands as a vocalist .. or join bands - what to look for - what to stay away from ? How to approach songs that may be a challenge - yet other band members are set on doing?

Respect your bandmates...but make sure you speak up, too. There has to be a happy medium. - If there is a song you
want to do , you should do the songs they want to do, also.
If you are on stage and you are straining to sing over the band, say something...everyone can shine, but remember
- the singer is the leader of the band.

17. What is the best part and worst part about being a singer/musician in Iowa ?

Some of the best things about being a singer/musician in
Iowa are the fans that come out and follow your band(s)
I have met the best people while singing. - Some have turned into my best friends even to this day. The downside is there aren't as many places to play if you compare to other states...

18. We know being Mom is a full -time job ...what do you do for fun when your not performing or being mom ?

That is all I really know these but I love to catch live music whenever I can! I love storm chasing and I really am interested in paranormal.

19. What local bands and Musicians have gotten your attention recently ?

Mindrite is totally awesome. - I just saw a new local band called called Mint...they opened for Jonny Lang, and I really liked them. I caught Humble Soul at HOB recently,too..and I really dig them!

Chris Lindsey

Chris and Lindsey ..
Lindsey & Mosh Libito - LinMoes
Frankie Stahl - George Civitate - and Waxrod


Thank you Lindsey for doing the interview
Keep Rockin it - Kickin it and Beltin in Out - You Rock !

21. What is in your mp3 / CD player - What new musicians nationally have gotten your attention ?

I have anything from Patsy Cline to I love
all genres. Right now whats in my car CD player is Pink, Miranda Lambert, STP. My favorite new band
is Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, she is my idol,lol.

I love Adele, she is amazing. I also really like The Decemberists...their song "Down by the Water" is currently my favorite song.


22. What did we forget to ask ?

I'm surprised you didn't mention
my famous side boob! LOL ;)