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Rocktober 06 - This Months Victim Kelly Starret of :
1. Kelly Ray and the Moose show 2. Monkey Finger
Full Blast 4. Can O'Worms

1. What are you doing on the local music scene at the moment and is it true your jamming with 4 bands?

Oh my god, where do I start?
YES it true I'm playing for 4 different bands.

(1) "Kelly Ray and the Moose show". All my band mates think I'm crazy but I love it and almost need it to satisfy all my different musical desires.My latest project is an accoustic duo with an incredible musician named Gary "Moose" Meier. This team is a match made in heaven. His blues/Croce intense finger picking style and my modernrock/classic ballad tendencies are paving the way for some interesting exciting originals. we call it "Kelly Ray and the Moose show".

(2) "Monkey Finger" is the reunion of my favorite band from the past, featuring: Lance Harrison on guitar, vocals, and Harmonica Joel Andreas on bass, vocals, and keys Yours truly Kelly Ray Starrett on the drums and vocals. The reason this band is my favorite is that we all play with the same intensity. This makes one exciting stage for me. Guitar player Lance and I have played together off and on for 30 years, and used to watch our bass player Joel kickass in a band called "Peter Lorre". We never dreamed we'd end up playing together.

(3) "Full Blast" in this band I get
to do my favoite thing in the world ....just sing my ass off! This band includes: Terry Chumley on bass, vocals (formerly of "Full Throttle" and "White Hot") Dave Peterson
on the drums (also from "Full Throttle") Jim Thorp on guitar
and vocals Kelly Ray Starrett on
the lead vocals.

(4) "Can O'worms" I play with these guys when their drummer/singer Kevin Best has
gigs with another band. This is a fun drummer/singer group to play with. The guys in this band include: Joel Andreas bass guitar (also of "Monkey Finger") Jeff Lehey on guitar (he gives the band a sort of Greatful Dead meets Ramones feel) Kelly Ray Starrett on drums and vocals.



Kelly Starret

Of Monkey Finger,
Full Blast,
Can of Worms
and Kelly Ray and Moose

2. One of the things you are well known for is your lead vocal ability while drumming. How do you make it look so easy?

Off and on through the years I've ended up as a lead vocalist for several cover bands and alot of
the time I was trying to sing songs almost out of my range. After a while my voice began to mature
and I started to sing from a powerful place inside me and
it felt good. When I'm singing
while drumming, the drumming
has to come naturally, without thought, almost allowing the rhythm itself to perpetually keep
my feet and hands going. This allows me to comfortably concentrate on lyrics and good
solid vocal delivery. Being able to keep your face close to the microphone while stretching and moving your body around the drumset is something that just
takes practice and patience.


Recent Monkey Finger 2006 Show - Kelly Starret, Drums : Lance Harrison Guitar , Joel Andreas Bass.
Kelly's 1st performance - 14 yrs old at Kurtz Kapers, Kurtz Jr High ..Playing and singing Beth by Kiss.

3. What bands have you been in ?
I'm sure its going to be alot....

1. Glass Brick / Crypt
2. Wizard / Proper Stranger / Mad Hatter
3. Iron Prophet
4. Thunderteaz
5. Frixis
6. Intruder
7. Grindin' Stone
8. Quadrant
9. Monkey Finger
10. Roadshow
11. Little Giant
12. Tres Harmonic
13. Mere Image (I)
14. Mere Image (2)
15. Splatter Cat
16. Colonel Lingus
17. Clark St. Power Trio
18. Full Blast
19. Can O'worms
20. Kelly Ray and the Moose

( Many pictured throughout )

Frixis was Kelly Starret Drums , Lance Harrison guitar & vocals, Mark Jung Keyboards, Mike Hall Bass. Jefff Adler Guitars .
4. When did you Start Drumming? singing?

My 1st drum set was at 5 years old. I only had it for 1 week before it was destroyed by teenage boys during a New Years eve party at my house. For the next 4 years, drums were the only thing on my Christmas list, at least until December of 1971.
5.Wow Guitar - Drums - vocals ....so do you have any aspiration to play bass or keyboards in a band ?

Oh hell yeah, I have a Pan Bass that I get out all the time for jam sessions but I don't think that I have the hand stretch required for it. As far as keyboards, I've played enough to write a few songs on there but once again, I don't have the experience or hand stretch for proffesional band work.
6. Any intentions of writing and or recording - if so? what have you done in the past ?

I've been playing guitar for 31 years and wrote my first song just weeks after learning my first 3 or 4 chords.
During the 31 years I've written over 60 songs and hundreds of poems. Most of my songs were written lyrics and melody at the same time and almost always on the spur of the moment. I'd scribble ideas on anything when I didn't have paper around. My arm, clothes, toilet paper, even a 2 x4 once.

The important thing is that the lyrics would survive until transfered to one of my "Books of Magic", (8 spiral notebooks, all of different sizes, wildly overflowing with words that have run screaming out of my head).

I love recording! This next year I'll be doing alot of it. Through the years I've recorded in several studios around Iowa but haven't done a complete personal project the way I really want to do one. I usually record my projects at home on an old Yamaha 4-track doing it all myself but once and a while a friend will stop over and lay down a hellish lead track for me, or we'll freestyle jam for a bit. I'm one of those guys that has recorded every practice/gig/jam session I've ever been in and have the cassettes to prove it. My upcoming solo project will be IowaStar studded for sure.

7. Who are the people in your life (past and present) that give to the most Inspiration?

When I was just a wee-lad, my Mom and Dad were my driving force. They kept me on a steady diet of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Alice Cooper, and Deep Purple from the time I was 9 years old until High school. Not only did they give me good strong musical roots. They always let my bands practice at our house and were always at my gigs.

Today my greatest inspiratioin comes from my 14 year old son Kane who is not only multi-musically talented, but is a people magnet and pretty good poet. Life is good and I'm livin' it folks -- I think I'll get hitched! And finally I can't forget about the inspiration and support I've recieved from hundreds of friends and band members that have been there for me through thick and thin and have helped me live my greatist desire .....to truly be an entertainer.

Kelly and his Son Kane



8. What is the worst gig you have ever done
( horror story ).

On October 17, 1980 playing in a band called Proper Stranger when we lost all our equipment in a house fire. After band practice at my house on McKinley Ave., we all went to the Van Halen concert at Vets Auditorium, with much drinking and smoking before, during, and after the show. I got home and went right to bed at about 1:00 am. The strange thing about all of this is that for about 2 years I seemed to be waking up at 3:15 am every night for some reason. I'd look at my clock, go to the bathroom, then go back to bed. This night I woke up at 3:15 am but this time I was chocking and couldn't see because the house was on fire! The band room door was closed at the end of the hallway but the intense heat kept me away from checking it out. I woke my Mom and Dad, my brother, and got everybody out. I didn't find my cat until morning. I lost my beautiful 1 year old chrome Slingerbud Drums and my band lost all their amps and guitars.

Another horror story (a little more funny), was when I was playing in Frixis. We got booked at the Yellow Rose in Ottumwa, Iowa. We were the first rock band to play there .... even though the bar was empty except for 2 guys and their dates. They asked if we knew any "Skynard". We didn't but we faked 'Sweet home Alabama". While we did the best we could, they left and came back in with snowballs and started whipping them at us. They told the owner, "We just wanted to show em' it was snowin' outside".

9. What was the best Gig? (good time story)

Roadshow opened for Foreigner at Toadholler. We had a pretty good show. Lou from KGGO talked about us off and on during his show all morning the next day and even played a small section of us doing "Victim of Changes" on the air with me on the lead vocals ....

Thanks Lou, you totally kickass!


Kelly Kicks it out with Roadshow

The Moose and Mikey
Hey Moose keep your accustic
away from Kelly .
10. Do you use any Wild Stage Antics?

Once and awhile when I'm drumming at a big show, I'll end the night by kicking over my set in a complete frenzy sending drum stands, cymbols, and all crashing to the stage (and sometimes the dance floor). It makes the crowd go completely insane. Someday I would like to smash an acoustic guitar at one of my uplugged shows.
11. What are your instruments of choice - those "I gotta have that ..
or I really want one of those ?

" When I am drumming I'm a Ludwig Man. Big drums small kit with lots of cool cymbals. I'm sort of a John Bonham freak. I also use a powerful slingerland snare drum that I've had since 1978. I love that damn thing. I learned how to play acoustically on an Alvarez 12 string around 1977. I bought an Ovation 12 string later and played it so much that in 15 years it has disintigrated. Now I have an Ovation 6 string called "Black Mariah" and a cherry red heavenly Takamine 12 string with a built in tuner and preset guitar effects.

Definitly the voice, I like not having to do anything but 'sing with everything I have in me', it's almost self-hypnotizing. Lead vocals while drumming is fun, but that's a different me up there. By the end of the night, I am pretty exhausted. When entertaining friends, I like the 12 string with lots of harmonic singing and people joining in. I know about 250 to 300 songs and have been known to try about anything for a verse or two.

12. What bands on the local scene - and or national scene have grabbed your attention
lately ?

I'm sort of a Pink Floyd meets Alice in Chains person.....

Slow trippy, grungy stuff is what I listen to most but nothing turns me on more than a 12 string or a grand piano with some weaving in
and out of each other harmonies. Gimme some hypnotic shit. Oooh yeah.

My favorite band this month is Hinder, or maybe Audio Slave. My favorite songs this year are "Fallin' to pieces" by Velvet Revolver, and "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5.
The new Stone Sour rocks !
Mere Image
Lance Harrison - Dave Jones - Kelly Starret
- Dave Peterson - Frank Vacco

( Left to right ) Kellys Son Kane , Kelly ..a bunch of crazy rockers ..the pretty ones Amanda of Ginger Jake
13. What local band do you really like or been checking out ?

well I'm usually playing out with my band. But (good news) Lewis from Metal Blast from the past and Stars4iowa keeps me updated on whats up!! Hes sitting on easly over 5000 concerts and tons of local band footage, so far i've seen way to many to list. But I really like what I've seen :

1st off Jimmy Clark band (Extinguisher) is doing a kick ass job Jim you Rock, my boy Joey from Calous, the Facecage guys, OAPH, The Mo-Jos, Cold Filtered, and Gimmick, my bros in Full Throttle..... oh yeah Gingerjake (me and my son cane seen them live Amanda Rocks).... Rose is still kicking ass, right now I 'm watching a Rearview gig btw ( Dave Miller shreads ).
14. Have you jammed with or opened for anyone famous?

I've opened for Foreigner, April Wine, Sabastien Bach, Dr. Hook, Molly Hatchet, and Jimmy and Johnny VanZant.

When I was 16 and living in Arizona I answered a drummer wanted ad on the radio. It ended up being with now famous bass player Billy Sheehan and his band "Talus". Needless to say I didn't get the job.

As far as local famous people, I used to sing with Joey "The Rat" Corigliano from KGGO, in a band called "Quadrant". You can check him out in the band "Calous". Joeys getting married soon and he's one of my favorite people. Congrats my man!

Also, I'm presently singing with "Full Blast" which features bassist Terry Chumley formerly of recording artists "White Hot".
15. If you could put together an all-star band whom would be in it .. your the manager :)

Jake E. Lee and Jerry Cantrell on guitars.
Terry Bozzio on drums.
Dennis Dunnaway on bass.
Goeff Tate on vocals and me running around playing everthing.

17. Ok Kelly time to give your fans some love any Special Thanks?...btw you Rock Bro!

I'd like to you for reading this and a big thank you to my bros. Lewis , Patrick , Dave Miller again for all the cool stuff you guys do for local Iowa bands. Somebody give these guys a television show!
And again thx for the interview ive been waiting for like 20 some years to do one.

I must give my love up to my totally excellent fiancee' Renate who's helped me climb back up to the top of "Kelly World" and helps me do what I have to do to stay there, "love ya baby".xoxo

My son Kane for being my best friend and his ability to make all the bad stuff go away when I need it to and my baby boy Terry Ray, My Mom, Dad, and Deb. My brother Tony and his family: Era, Spencer, and Courtney.

My oldest dearest friend Frank Stahl and his family: Audra, Ashley, Lindsey, and Tyler.Kimmy and Doc Wilson and Family (gotta love ya). Mark Jung (Fool Kitty) Outlander, Steve Clark, Patty D, The King family, Dave and Jamie Ellis and their families, and Mike "Skully" Gust. my new jammin' partner in life, Gary "Moose" Miere and family.Christy and everyone at "The Port" in Panora. JC at the House of Bricks, all the bars ive played in!! and I cant forget the South side girls Rockin' Robin C, Chris G, Judy L.. (roadshow song) I must say all of these people have helped me survive the past couple of years. I couldn't have done it without you.

If I forgot anybody?
Type your name in here_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Don't Forgot to add me as a friend on myspace


DJ Doc & Kimmy
Support Live Des Moines Music

South Side girls Chris , Robin and Judy


Thanks Kelly !! Keep Rockin Bro ...
If we know any one looking for a drummer we will send them your way
- we want to make sure the you keep busy .. yeah right..


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