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Junk Poet 2010's first Victims



5. The self titled 1994 CD, what can you tell us about that?

(JOEL) It was done rather quickly with a small label Cellar Records, a small taste of what we were about. It taught us that a label doesn’t necessarily equate to a successful release.

(JAY) Yeah, everything is a learning experience though really. We started out
recording that album at the point we were still between singers. It was recorded in two sessions. The first session we spent a weekend recording like 6 songs instrumentally. A few months later, after we had Fu for a while we went back and finished up the recording so it was a little more of a Frankenstein of an album than the next one would be since we knew more who we were by then.

6. “Chicken All you Can Eat “ (1995) - The Bar- Ba Que Release? 



(JAY) Well it was actually 1996, August 17th to be exact, but who’s keeping track. I remember the guy who owned the beach calling me as I was driving there telling me I needed to get some different portable toilets out there cause the guy who we had bring some pissed him off and he told him to leave. What’s a little more stress right? I’m thinking… I just wanna fucking rock, not worry about fucking toilets, but I got it handled and nobody had to use the beach for their toilet. ?
We worked for the first half of 1996 getting the album ready, recording, mixing, mastering, duplication (used to take like 3 months to get your CD’s from being pressed back then) and we just sort of went with the chicken theme of the album at the release party. It was out at Clearwater Beach and we made it an all day event with a bunch of other bands kicking it off for us… including the early Slipknot with Anders and Josh. It just made sense that we’d have chicken for people to eat. ?

(JOEL) I still feel this album is strong-more than 10 years later. The tunes are still relevant, sadly the completion of this album was the beginning of a long departure for Junk Poet.

7. The new CD - “Suicide” is the 1st single  -
Is there a Chicken in the title? Roosterdu ?

What can you tell us ?

(JOEL) No chicken in the CD title- I believe we are going with Ressurection.

8. What is different about the writing recording process from years past?

(JOEL) We still write in the same fashion, all of us in a room doing it together. It’s a very natural process for us.

(JAY) Maybe we’re a little weird that way but for the most part our songs all tend to come together while we’re all there working on ideas. It’s pretty spontaneous with some tweaks here and there after the main ideas are established..

9. How have the changes in the technology - changed the process for you or is it basically the same? 

(JAY) I’d say the advances in technology have been really great for several reasons namely to supplement my horrible memory. We usually have everything mic’d up and ready to record when we’re practicing or writing so if anything comes to us we have it captured to use later if we want. Back when we were together before, we’d jam all the time but not always have a way to capture it so we lost some songs and ideas that may have developed. Then there’s the album recording process now which we can do right where we practice rather than having to book a studio and fork over a small fortune.

(JOEL) Jay’s studio has made the recording process much easier for us-other than that I believe our sound is still true to the original stuff-the songs may be more developed, but probably not due to technology.

10. What musical training / lessons did you have growing up ?

(JOEL) I had none, just plugging in the bass and playing a lot.

(JAY) Rich and I had a few lessons around 12 & 13 but we’re mostly self-taught. I think Fu was in some choir stuff in school, or maybe some boy band or something since he’s not here to defend himself. ?


Junk Poet : The Early Days

BW JPearly

Jay with AGOTR - Opening for Godsmack

FU sits in with the DuMFuxx New Year 2008

11. Weapons of Choice - guitars , amps , drums... 

Joel - Fender P Bass, Sunn tube head, Trace Elliot 4x10 and a Sunn 4x10

Jay – Gibson Les Pauls and Marshall amps with some effects sprinkled here and there. Gotta have a Dunlop Crybaby.

Rich currently plays a Yamaha 4 piece kit with (mostly) Zildjian cymbals.

Fu uses Shure mics

12. Live performances differ a lot from recording - how do you all prepare - practice?

(JOEL) nobody ever talks about how to practice -what works , just thought we throw that in)  Practice as much as possible, usually organize a set list a few weeks before shows and hammer them out in order.  Continuous writing and Jamming to keep it fresh as well .

13. Over the years you guys have played on the same bill with many bands?

 What are some of  the better know ones that where interesting?
Slipknot, Stone Sour, Smiling Jack, Helmet, Disturbed, Mancow show with Anthrax and many others, Kings X, I’m sure I’m missing some.

We found photos of a couple noteworthy others..

14. Favorite shows?

(JOEL) Helmet

(JAY) Yeah getting to play with Helmet was really cool. I considered it one of the best days of my life for a while. I’d have to say though our first show since getting back together is my favorite now. I had no expectations. I thought “who would care about us still?” It was 10 years later, but the place was packed, sold out, we played well, and personally I was just euphoric for a couple days. We have it all captured with high quality video and audio so we hope to have that ready for release sometime this year.

15. Worst horror story? What happen at Davey’s? 

(JOEL) Fu and I got so intoxicated we didn’t know where we were, let alone the songs needed to be played. The keys got locked in the van and in trying to get them out we broke a big side window. Then there was a huge storm on the way home and we had a broken down beer case duck taped in place of a window.

(JAY) If you have to break a window on a van make sure it’s a small one. They’re much cheaper.

16..Major influences musically ?

Joel-Alice in Chains-Chili Peppers-Sabbath-Tool

Jay- Zeppelin, Hendrix, Sabbath, AIC, Metallica (old), Pantera, soooo many more..

17.Who ( Bands and Musicians) gets no credit that you think should?

(JOEL) Us (kidding)  actually a large majority of the Des Moines scene needs to be looked at, to start naming them all off is bound to piss somebody off, really a lot of great bands here

(JAY) That’s tough. There are a lot of really good bands all over that just never heard. I think that is every bands real challenge, finding their audience.


Jay : Helmet Show (above)
Joel: AIC T-Shirt (below)


Junk Poet - Rich kickin it on Drums

Junk POet Beach
Summer 2008 outside on the beach

18.What is the best part of the Central Iowa Music Scene?
(JOEL) Des Moines in general, when we returned I was blown away by the support of old fans and the addition of some new fans.  Believe it or not Des Moines has a great scene.

19. What is the Worst part of the local music scene? 

(JAY) I’d say maybe just the small population. You can only play so often before people realize they can go see you any old weekend and find other things to do. We try to make it an event every time we play so people want to be sure to come. I don’t care if you’re the Beatles, if you play the same place every week people are not going to put it on the calendar and make as much of a point of going.

20. What do you want for Christmas/ New Year 2010
...do you deserve anything? 

(JOEL) I want 40 dollars and million dollar gift certificate at Tasty Tacos.

21. Name your favorite Christmas TV special?

(JOEL) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

(JAY) How about Bob and Doug’s Christmas album?

22. Any New Years predictions?

(JOEL) I’ll get some killer new calendars.

23. What did we forget to Ask ?

Ironic they forgot to answer too ....

So we 'll give promo's for them

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Thank You Jay - Joel - Fu and Rich ! 

There  is a lot of local Rock History with Junk Poet we are Happy you agreed to be our victims !


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