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April /May Victim : Josh Brainard of On A Pale Horse

1. Josh how's its going..
Who is in On A Pale Horse ?

On A Pale Horse is:
Jeremy- Bass
Indian Jerry- Guitars
Nick- Drums
Aaron- Lead Vocals
Yours truly- Guitars and Vocals

2. The Official Release of the New OAPH CD , When and Where ? Any funny stories from the recording sessions ?

New CD will be released May 20 @ the new House of Bricks in Des Moines. No really funny stories- there were funny smells coming from Jerry. We chased him around with a can of air freshener. Banging on a mic'ed up silo in the middle of a farm at 3am was pretty cool.

3. Any secrets to the writing process for this CD , who does the majority of writing lyrics - music? do you guys all come up with your own ideas - and work it through- was Any a particular a pain to get put together ? Any that everyone just seem to click on first time round ?

No secrets; just us. OAPH writes very well together- we all contribute. There is definitely a chemisty that will not be denied when the five of us are together.

Interview :
April - May's Victim
Josh Brainard
Of On A Pale Horse :

Josh Brainard
Guitar and Vocals

Released May 20 - 2005

4. What or who inspired you to become a musician?

Probably my Dad. He played guitar for me once when I was a kid and I wanted to be able to play... it snowballed from there.

5. What's your favorite saying ?

Right now? "Tina, come get some ham!"

6. What are your favorite shows you have done to date ?

The CD release for "Black is not..." was a good time. Lazerfest was pretty cool as well.
7. Worse gig to date - any horror stories?

We drove to Independence to do a show once, got there, then decided to turn around and leave- Cops were asking for permits and threatening to lock the show and club down WITH our equipment inside. We also had to do a show without our bass player recently. That wasn't horrible, but I am not in a rush to do that again anytime soon...
  • 8. What would you do if you were President?

    Tell switzerland to build a chocolate watch.

    9. When did you begin Playing Guitar?
    Why did you start playing- What was your first band ? First Pubic Performance?

    I was 11. I wanted to make the same cool chords as my dad. I saw my first show of a local band and said "Hey- those guys look cool!! I want to do that too!!" My first show was at a sidewalk sale for a music store in 1989. We played Slayer... \m/

  11. Can you Name all the Bands youve been in ?

Good lord-...
On A Pale Horse

Lately I have done some tribute band stuff-...
Deuce- Kiss tribute with Joe from Calous (drums) , Jim from Odium (bass) , and Erich from Only (guitar)... Audacious P- Tenacious D tribute with my buddy CT.

Deuce Is :
Joe as Peter - Josh as Paul -Erich as Ace
and Jim as Gene

12. We won't ask you a ton of Slipknot questions -
What was your mask - still have it ?
Is there anything you'd like to say about your time in the band - any good stories that haven't been told
100 times ?

Mask- Clown keeps threatening to get it back to me; apparently he has it somewhere. Stories- None come to mind.

Josh in Slipknot

Josh Kickin it out with ON A PALE HORSE

13. Have you lived in Des Moines Iowa your whole life?

Nope- born in Las Vegas, New Mexico- spent the majority of my childhood in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area- moved to Des Moines @ age 15.

14. Any Real Musical Training?
Have you Studied with anybody we know or thats Famous?

None to speak of- I took lessons for about a year in eigth grade. The most I got out of that was the ability to read music. I retained virtually zero of it. I am largely self taught/ by ear.

15. What was your 1st Guitar and what kind?
Do you Still have it?

My first guitar was a old conrad acoustic.
I still have it.

16.Your Equipment run down ?

Kevin Miles modded old Laney head, marshalls, is my main setup. I have been tinkering with some new stuff lately- expandora for one.

17. Number of Guitars you own?

Gibson SG (my main), Gibson V, Gibson Firebird, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Strat (Jerry is currently customizing this one for me), Jackson Dinky reverse, an Oscar Schmidt acoustic and an Epiphone acoustic that I keep in Canada for when I go to visit my girlfriends family.
18. Ok What would be your Dream Guitar, amps, efxs ?

My SG is pretty much everything I have always wanted in a guitar- the jury is out on the amp question right now. I want to change my set-up but I haven't heard anything lately that really does it for me.

19. What where your Early Influence's?
Who are they now?

Metallica, Kiss, Slayer, Sabbath Last 5 or 6 years I have really gotten into Clutch, COC, Down, anything Wino.

20. Was Deuce your idea - any chance of any performances this summer?

Deuce was kind of a conglamorate idea. It was basically a pipe dream until we figured out the people. It was then that we realized that we could probably pull it off.

Scott "Wino" Weinrich

Josh And Nick - On A Pale Horse
21.Name some of your Favorite song(s) - some that many people should give a listen too.

There is no way I can answer that question.

22. Whats your Favorite song to do Live ?

I like different songs for different reasons. "Won't Go" is fun because it has long been our energetic show-closer... we throw the f*ck down on that tune.

I also like "Come On" because everyone knows the words and sings them back to us-never a bad thing. I like "Biding Time" off the new album cause it's a tad on the technical side and I LOVE the hook.

23. Last Concert youve seen? Best Concerts You've seen ?

Last concert of any size I was at was likely waterstock. Kiss is always great live show- they are hands down the best rock show on the planet. Slayer also doesn't suck live.

24. Last time somebody asked you for a Autograph?

I think when we played in Minneapolis with Countach last time... random person... no idea how she knew us, nor me, nor either enough to want my autograph. Most of the time, my first reponse to "Can I have your autograph?" is "Why?"..lol.

Deuce was RIDICULOUS like that, but I was glad everyone was into it... hopefully they all come back to see us on May 13th.

25. Fav Bands Local or Little known artist ?

: I am not going to answer the favorite locals question... but I will say that Countach and Altar Of Rock from Minneapolis are sweet bands. Anyone that hasn't should look them up.


Aaron: Vocals - On A Pale Horse

Indian Jerry - Guitar - On A Pale Horse

Jeremy - Bass - On A Pale Horse

26.Last CD you Bought? what CD are you Listen to today ?

I have no idea... listening today to Kiss - The Elder

27. What would be your all star band to jam with- Fav Singer, Bass Player, Drummer.

Another impossible question for me.

28. Your Favorite movie?

Another impossible question for me. To much of a movie buff.

29.If you had one wish, what would it be?
Besides that these questions weren't so damn long

I wish Old Spice would bring back the original musk deodorant in the round bottle.

When and Where is CD Release Party going to be at ?

Will there be any other bands playing that night
or will it be just Non Stop "On a Pale Horse" Playing.


Supporting will be:
The Cassandra Disease- Odium - Calous -The Altar of Rock
Vice Grip Throttle - Knucklebone - Burnout

30. Do you want to Thank anybody ?

Thanks to my family, the other four horseman, my extended HOB family, Joe, Jim Erich and Corey.

Thanks a hevey Metal Ton Josh
Pick up the New ON A PALE HORSE CD after MAY 20th
Not becouse We say so ....but becouse it F#*kin Rocks !!!



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