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NEW YEAR 2005 :
Interview With Ronnie Richardson of Full Throttle

1. Happy New Year Ronnie !
What is knew in Full Throttle ?
If you had to make a New Years Resolution for ______ it would be ?

Happy New year back, what's new is we are going to overhaul the machine for 2005 ....by adding new tunes to our list, plus we have decided that it's time to start writing some original material!

Resolution for ME is to pay more attention to my playing live rather than where my beer is!

2. What Was your Favorite CD in 2004 ?

THE ESSENTIAL OZZY OSBOURNE don't know if it was released in 04'.

Guitarist Ronnie Richardson

Of Full Throttle
3. Best Songs of 2004 ?

Show Me How to Live (AudioSlave)
....When I am Gone ( 3 Doors Down).

4. Worst Comback :

Vote Goes to ..Nikki Stixx ..Brides of Destruction

5. Worst News :

( see more on Dime Question 17)

6. Best Concert YOU Attended in 2004 :


7. Worst Concert You Attended in 2004?

mmmm any concert I make it to is a good one
( because I usually have no TIME!)

8. What are you looking forward to in 2005 ?

Full Throttle to release an
and re-vamp live list !!

Ronnie & Kelly

9. Your Chance to play Ms. CLeo or Physic friend ..any predictions for 2005 ?

Ronnie will be riding a new harley HA!
FULL THROTTLE will be in high demand ..
FULL THROTTLE will have a road crew !!! MOTLEY CRUES comeback will be

10. Ever take guitar lessons ? Ever Give Guitar lessons ? What's your advice to aspiring guitar players ?

No, I've never had any formal lessons, mostly 100% self taught, yes I have given lessons, in the past and I'm often approached by people to give lessons but lack of time is a major contributing factor to why I don't.

My advice to young aspiring players is:
PRACTICE, PRACTICE and practice some more you have got to be determined like hell to make that fucker cry and sing, ....
shit man when I was 16 I literally took a 10ft. long 2x4 and lag bolted it across the door to my room so NO ONE could disturb me or get me out of that room away from my instrument!

Also watch other players and don't be afraid to ask them to show you licks if they are any kind of stand up man they will oblige you...
( unless they're insecure wussies ).

11. Equipment Run Down :
What's in your bag of tricks that you like most?
How do you get that killer lead Randy tone on "I Don't Know" ?

Without a doubt my marshall JCM 800 I've used them since they came out, also I've been going back to the Les Paul's like I played in my teen's you just can't beat the sound of a paul through a Marshall!

Have a couple strats that I Play live, my 40th anniversary is just a sweetheart I don't like to take it out much though, as well as my old gold top it just scares me to much!!!

The tone secret is - its done with a Paul or Jackson through a rocktron pre-amp ran in front of my Marshall head with a splash of about 550 milliseconds of delay
( not to mention playin' the bitch 15 years! )

12. You did a recent rippin Van Halen "Eruption" solo spot and we have seen you do George Lynchs " Mr. Scary " live ...both those tunes - solos are difficult to pull off live - so it is appropriate to ask you: Which artist do you think is the most difficult to cover - styles can vary a lot from ZZ Top / Ozzy to Audio Slave?

Well it depends a lot on the sound for me, if I can emulate the tone of the guitar then half the battle's over.

The rest is how well I play that certain player's style, for instance I was getting a great George Lynch sound and was totally into his style in the early 90's so it was a matter of how well I played the piece, I had "Scary" down played it hundreds of times so it was a piece of cake for me.

Lately though I've cleaned up my basic sound and tried to concentrate on picking more accurately.

Ronnie Doing "Van Halens Euruption"
...the whole damn thing !
( pic by Diana )

13. Rate the following 1-10 and name one of your favorite tunes by them

George Lynch - 9 fave Mr. scary
Eddie Van Halen - 10 fave c'mon gimme a break any early Eddie!
Randy Roades - 9 You can't kill R&R flyin' high again
Zakk Wylde - 8 Desire
Slash - 7 Welcome to the Jungle
Mark Trmonti- 7 Sacrifice
Jim Root- Who?.. no.. I like the first radio hit ..Wait and Bleed ?
Morello - 8 liked him better in RAM
Billy Gibbons - 8 Love the riff in Head's in Missisipi
Micheal Lee Firkins - 9 Sargasso Sea ICo- wrote that riff w/ him
Mick Mars - 7 Dr. Feelgood
Iommi - Heaven and hell great mood tune.

14. Who have been your biggest influences guitar wise and musically ?

Ted Nugent, Eddie, Glenn Tipton, Rhoads and Lynch

15. Whats the best gig you ever played ? Fun Story?

Cardi's in Houston w/ White Hott Huge club packed house on a Saturday night Girl's were actually pulling at my pant legs! incredible!

Best story Played at Savvy's in Ft. Worth and was out of strings, when outta nowhere Dimebag, shows up with a set and say's " here ya go bro, fuck the bucks" whatta guy R.I.P. Darrell, we used to hang with the guy's in Pantera that was there hometown stompin' grounds you know...

White Hott verson one with Ronnie , Micheal Lee Firkins, and Terry, Johnny

16. What's the worst gig ?

Recently? Hairy Mary's private party,
my god,
I was so drunk

I could hardly stand
let alone even be there...
wow I stunk that night!

17. Can you name every band you have been in ?

19. Yeah but do I have to...?
Hey Guys. heres are the band's I have been in: High school- Anarchist First Proffesional?
-Young Heroes

First Metal Band
- Sterling Steel .....

(see photo left -
continued below )

Sterling Steel

...Dude we were the pioneers of Metal in D.M. Iowa I had to wait six months to get my first Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar, and it was custom built for me & sent directly from the custom shop! no shit, serial no. RR1167.

Mikey (our light guy for years.. (see photo w/ Kelly our singer's bro Mose running sound) well Mikey was there the day it arrived, he saw it at the same time I did when I opened the case!!

and now Full Throttle ...
check out there new My Space website

Mose & Mikey

18. Best thing & Worst thing about the Central Iowa music scene ?

Best, there are a lot more clubs to play Worst? we don't play em' all.....oh yeah the pay seems to suck nowadays also!

19. Local acts that you enjoy catchin ?

I like going out on my bike and hangin' with my buds in Roadshow, also Would like to see a Cold filter gig..

Thanks a shit load Ronnie !!! Look forward to what-ever you got happening in 2005!