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PIDDLER ON THE HOOF, KOSHER HOOKS and MEIN KRAMPF - Coolest Books on Hottest Topics by S.I. Fishgal

PIDDLER ON THE HOOF (published by PublishAmerica, Lulu, CreateSpace and Kindle)
A towering French dame totally ignores the law and environment, cheerfully smokes the sky and personifies the USA. A little Belgian schmendrick holds the same disregard, joyfully piddles the downtown and personifies the European Union. This novel's piddler personifies nobody and tactfully says nothing about Brussels' pee drinkers.
History knows no shortest, most horrible and intense schlock than the Kursk Battle - all bloodbaths' little-known schlepp mother that saved Yanks and Britons in Italy.
1941. Fuhrer teaches geography to Roma, three. His dad, the Red Army's lieutenant, saves him from Kiev's noted 36-hour slaughter orgy of Jews. The boy grows up in Dad's Rearguard advancing from Kursk to Germany. His emotional awakening, family members' escapades and sexcapades, derisive living truth, eccentricity and idioms trigger smiles, thrills and bittersweet tears. Atrocities make just a waning setting in this sweeping, witty and passionate novel knocking the socks off unless readers wear pantyhose.
KOSHER HOOKS (published by Lulu, CreateSpace and Kindle)continues the hero's story.
1946-53, the XX century's "Middle Ages". AmeriKKKans arraign the kosher people as the USSR's moles. SSoviets not only mirror that, but might ship all Jews to the starving, icy Siberian mini Zion named the Jewish Autonomous Region. Kiev's life teaches Roma, 13, that kissing rumps is better than tasting their fruits. The police summon his dad, jail the brass and friends. Some commit suicide. The boy is ripe for his personal show-trial too. In that bedlam, girls pour their hearts to him. Yet, he plans to swim to Turkey.
MEIN KRAMPF (published by Lulu, CreateSpace and Kindle) describes the hero's fiery,forbidden love with a Russian coach, 22.
As a gentleman, Fishgal made his intriguing, truthful books independent. His horse sense, crisp, funny language, topsy-turvy idioms and plays of words are striking.