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Angelfire® Gerbs create a pyrotechnic effect of colored fire and sparks that cannot be duplicated by any other gerb on the market.


A common, traditional gerb is constructed with a clay nozzle to restrict the gas flow. This produces the necessary pressure to eject the sparks for the classic fountain effect. Unfortunately, only small colored flame envelopes can be created with nozzled gerbs. Angelfire® Gerbs utilize a patented grain geometry to produce sufficient gas pressure without a clay nozzle. This configuration produces a large, brightly colored flame envelope in addition to the fountain sparks. Despite the enhanced effect of color and sparks, Angelfire® Gerbs produce little smoke and ash, perfectly suitable for indoor applications.

Angelfire® Gerbs produce incredibly large and brightly colored flames with little smoke or ash.


Manufacturing Specialists of Low-Smoke Pyrotechnics


Patented grain geometry of Angelfire® Gerbs eliminates the need for clay nozzles.