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I've got a range of stuff for you to look at, including 3D models and photos relating to my interests. Use the bar to the left to find a topic, or have a look through the news.

Latest News

May 10th. 2004
Well i've been working on the model for a month now. I'm itching to tackle another aircraft, but this is the first change i've really had to do some decent renders with an aircraft model. I'm too lazy/busy (its an intresting combination) to add all the new renders i've done, so i'll put up this... Its what i'm working on at the moment. I made new textures, Cathay Pacific style. The model itself has undergone a lot of change aswell, some quite subtle, but mainly new engines, tilted landing gear, and flexed wings.
Typical Hong Kong scene....

And while I'm here, this is the best I got out of the British Airways textured model. The background used Terragen, the rising sun is Solarcell. The lens flare I added myself.

April 19th, 2004
A few very exciting developments in the fields of modeling and texturing. I now have a fully textured model in Truespace, landing gear and flaps included. The Airbus A330-300. Click the pic to go the specially created page, with much more detail and images!


Also new, a little render of my 'jet family'. Bottom right is my Boeing 727-200 model. I did it about a month ago, but never took it any further than the modeling. However, since the 727 shares the same nose and fuselage cross-section as the 707 and 737, I might model on of them using parts of the 727. This model would probably be to textured standard, like the the A330.

click for larger picture

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