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Airbus A330-300

A little something I've been working on for the past 4 days (well, this and university).

Airbus A330-300, in British Airways colours - BA don't actually fly the A330, which is a shame.

Modelled in Rhino, Textures made in PSP7, and textured and rendered in Truespace 3.2. Its around 55000 polys, I wanted to make a model that was detailed in its textures, as apposed to the mesh itself. Had some fun rendering up huge textures, the "white" section of the fusilage is about 3000 x 700 pixels.

I'm really pleased with this model, it came out as well as i could have expected. Its still really in development, I've learnt a few important things in the past day - transparent textures and keyframes, so decent animations are on the horizon.
Also planning to add in landing gear, possibly flaps, but that's a realy polygon-monster.

I'll just give you the links, as they are all large files.
Also that some of the levels of detail in these shots vary, since its still WIP.

In rhino, with temporary landing gear....
Click here to view

In rhino again, note the 'back to front' Rolls Royce logo on the far engine - thats been sorted now.
Click here to view

One of the first from Truespace. Still missing a few bits.
Click here to view

Some basic enviroment mapping (using one of Truespace's defaults). Thats a real photo, from the back of my house. I don't live quite that close to the airport.
Click here to view

My first enviroment map - thats another thing i learned to do whilst working on this model. Check out the engines!
Click here to view

Now with the wings complete, notice the flap supports (cannoe shaped things on wing).
Click here to view

You can take the modeller out of Freespace, but you can't take the Freespace out of the modeller. Using Solarcell and Glitterato...
Click here to view (250kb)
Should have put some lights inside.... using transparent textures. First time i'd really investigated the image utilities of TS3.2
Click here to view

*Bump-map-age". Engine pylon, with generic rivets.
Click here to view


Well, thats the landing gear done then. Flaps are modelled, but not textured.

I'm quite pleased with the landing gear, I focused a lot more on texturing detail, as apposed to modeling detail, and the whole landing gear is around 3000 polygons, about 1/30th that of the MD-11, with only minor sacrafices in detail. I put transparent textures to use to get a lot of detail, at the expense of only around 100 polygons. Excellent stuff. As a result, the [i]entire[/i] model, including flaps only comes to 47,000 polys. A big leap from the MD-11's 220,000

Anyway, just one nice shot for you at the moment

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking... we will shortly be arriving at London Heathrow... the local time is 09:25 am, it is 5 degrees C, and raining...
You're not on holiday anymore..."

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