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Orlando Bloom

Welcome to Mimi and Tiffany's Orlando Bloom fansite! Please have a look around:

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Kingdom of Heaven is on the brim of release and I'm so excited to watch him in a leading role. So what's up with him and Kate? Are they through for good? First I hear they're engaged and then I hear they're broken up...and then I hear rumors about them showing up at parties and hollywood appearances together. Forgive me for my lax research, I've been real lazy about keeping up with Orli's supercelebrity life. Geez it was so much easier when he was just an elf!

Tiff 1.28.05
I apologize for the lengthy periods between our updates. Rest assured I STILL love orli, he is God's greatest gift to all women (besides hips and boobs). College life has stripped me from many of my duties, and I mean this in a psychological sense. Anyway, since it is very easy to find information about orli these days, I doubt many of you miss my updates anyway. So please visit our links list and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. For now, I've added some pictures thanks to serein to more pictures.

Much orli love,

TROY debuts in two days!!! If you read this, and you don't go see it, you will receive a virus popping up naked pictures of richard simmons at you until you do...I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

The wallpaper links are working again, I didn't realize they weren't until yesterday, my apologies. Anyway, I've been getting really lazy about keeping up with Orli events and today I renewed my membership as a fan and downloaded tons of orli video clips from Orlando Multimedia and I've fallen in love all over again. I had no idea he's already been on Leno and Letterman...shows how into the program I am. Everywhere he goes...screaming girls. If I ever met him, I'd probably pass out. Anyway, thanks to all you orli fans out there, this site is dedicated to you =).

It might not look like much, but I did a lot of grunt work today...basically I took all the crap coding that I began with and condensed it into legible html. Also, check out the Legolas pics...I added a nice background sound, maybe someday I'll even include a media page for you guys to download videos and soundclips...that is, when I have the money to afford that kind of bandwidth. As for now, you can go to the thousands of other orli sites that offer that kind of luxury. Is it just me or is he getting wayyyy too big? I looked up his name and apparently there's, like, 3 new random movies he's working on right now...I remember when he used to be our little "secret"...too hot I guess =P.

Tomorrow is Orli's 27th birthday! Be sure to pick up the recent issue of Teen People, there's a poster of Legolas and a nice little article (and a couple very nice shots of him). It shouldn't be hard to spot, I was at the grocery store and suddenly his beautiful face was staring at me from the cover of the magazine. Sorry about the lack of updates, I've got to enjoy the rest of my long winter break before returning to the dorms. Anyway, since I'm snowboarding tomorrow, I'll leave you with this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORLI!!!

Well the page now has a new look! Thanks to my insomnia, I was able to crank out this work of art at 3am...and I also added the "more pictures" page (yeah the one with the 'broken link'), so check that out. I hope guys like the white background, looks a little more professional I think. *yawn* now I must rest...

I was so annoyed last night when lotr was sold out, I should have known. I figured everyone was still taking finals so there wouldn't be many moviegoers...little did I realize that this little cornfield of a town actually has I saw the last samurai instead (which was pretty damn good). Anyway I saw lotr tonight - IT IS AWESOME. legolas is hot and sexy as usual. I also saw the full trailer to Troy, and that looks amazing as all hell. Brad Pitt AND's almost too much to bear. Well if you haven't seen it yet, definitely take time out for return of the king...suchagoodmovie.

Well, as I am confident most of you have also done, I saw Pirates last night and actually witnessed Mr. Bloom in a full out main role. No more of the one-liner crap that we have to put up with in such movies as LOTR 1 and 2 and Black Hawk Down. wow.....*drool*....he was very, very hot to say the least. Unfortunately I have to admit, as difficult as it is, that Johnny Depp really stole the show. He was hilarious and sadly enough his dragqueen marley-style look actually took my eyes away from orli from time to time. BUT...relax, Orlando Bloom is still, by far, the hottest man ever. Period. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, get ready cus it'll be the most treasured 2 hours of your life. OH and another thing - I'm so sorry if I haven't been responding to your emails, I finally got a cable connection so i ditched the aohell. I've changed my emailing system to hotmail so in the rare occasion you would like to email me, please feel free to click on the link below, thanks!

Hey guys! OMG, is this TRUE? I read in US Weekly that Orlando Bloom is dating the blonde from Blue Crush!! Nooooooo *screech*
~ Mimi

Okay guys, we know it's difficult to access this site...angelfire is "free" but gives us about an inch of bandwidth. The more pics we add to our page, the less accessable it will become, so it's kind of a lose lose situation here. Orli is a popular li'l Brit boy, so hang in there guys, he's worth the delay ;)

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