Saving htm files and integrating your regular Windows Search utility

Let me know if there are any missing books !

For those who may want access to the bible text files
If you want to save these books and integrate your windows search utility, it is not all that hard

#1 Create your new folder

Find a blank place on your desktop, right click, left click on New folder

There will appear a new folder, with New folder highlighted in blue, in that blue spot, type in kjv and press Enter

If you goofed and clicked to fast, it will not be highlighted in blue, so right click on the new folder, and left click on rename. Change it to kjv

Now you should have a folder called kjv. This is where you should save all of the books of the bible.

( After this is done once, you never have to do it again )

#2 Add your first book of the bible.

Wait until the page is fully loaded

Left Click on file

Left click on Save as

File name What ever is there

Save as type : Web Page complete

In the very top window it says Save in: Move the buttons until you find the kjv folder.

When it is in the window, left click on Save.

If all the books of the bible are on your hard drive, the pages will load many times faster than on the internet and you do not even have to be on the internet.

If you try to continue to read the pages from the web, when you come back later you may get some kind of error. If too many people download in week the pages will not be available for a while.

Free sites are limited into the number of bytes allowed in a certain time period. The whole bible in htm is about r meg. One gig is a hundred meg ( I think ) so if you don't have your hard drive smothered with junk you do not use, all the bible is NOTHING.

Finding words or phrases in the bible text

Windows already has a find utility you can integrate with this bible text: Say you have all the books saved in c:\windows\desktop\kjv

You are looking for camel

Left click on Start at the bottom left of your computer screen

left click on find files or folders

In the name box type *.htm

In the Containing text box: camel

Look in: Browse until you find the folder c:\windows\desktop\kjv

Your find field should look like this

Name *.htm

Containing text: camel

Look in: c:\windows\desktop\kjv

You are ready, click on find now


When you do your very first search, click on file, save search. This puts an icon on your desktop.

Now that you have the icon on the desktop it has all your search info there, all you have to do is change the field Containing text. instead of camels, you may be looking for light bulbs, just change that field. Every thing above is a constant except changing camel to what ever you are looking for.

In your first search, every book with the word camel will appear in a jiff.. nothing like waiting on the internet.

Click on any of those files and that sucker is there NOW .. ok now where is that camel ?


Hold down CTRL and press f

type in camel

You can keep on clicking on find next until there is no more.

If you are looking for a specific phrase and remember the exact words, it is yours in a snap


Once you have those books in that sub directory, you can copy any part of the text and paste it in your word processor or e-mail. Just place the cursor to the top left of the place you want to begin, hold down the left mouse and drag until the parts you want are highlighted.

In the blue highlighted area, right click and left click on copy After part of the text or the whole book is copied you can paste it any where you want.

If you copy from these htm pages like this they will remain in tact and you can copy any parts you want for any project. If you modify these original files you might have to go back and get them again.

While commercial bible programs are very in expensive ( some times even free ), I have seen few, where you can go in and simply copy chapters or a whole book of bible text. This simple and search method does nothing to your registers, no way to goof up any thing. If you keep it all on the folder kjv on your desktop you can simply wipe out the whole thing by deleting it.

This site on Angelfire was free

If you ever wanted to try to build a web page, free is the way to start and you can add paid services later if you get hooked