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dream it while you can

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a brilliant career
visual arts
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last updated:
12/14/02--added a link for dysgenic records
12/14/02--updated the "biography"
12/14/02--added a flyer for alpha kilo @ luna lounge in "upcoming events"
12/13/02--added links for alpha kilo, catfish, and columbia
10/10/02--added a second page of pictures
09/30/02--added a flyer for alpha kilo's october 7th show at Kenny's Castaways
09/16/02--added a flyer for an upcoming alpha kilo show
08/20/02--added the poem "a single breath in the spanish countryside" to the verse page
05/27/02--updated "pictures" and "upcoming events"
05/17/02--minor reworking of spacing on "verse" page
05/06/02--added "the hallucinogenic adventure of c. everett koop as a killer t cell" to the prose page of the "literature" section
05/06/02--some picture captions updated
05/01/02--updated "a brilliant career's" mp3 page
05/01/02--added links to new "a brilliant career" mp3's
04/02/02--added the poem "toward the infinite graces of saturn"
03/28/02--added a picture of north america recording
03/17/02--added a link to sweet adeline
03/14/02--added a flyer for "trash" on the "upcoming events" page. check it out.
03/14/02--added more pictures
03/11/02--added basic setup for visual arts page
03/08/02--the "pictures" page is now up
03/08/02--the "mp3" section of "a brilliant career" has been updated
03/08/02--link to digital kranky and rayon added; brilliant career updated
03/06/02--mission statement added
03/05/02--some minor errors corrected
03/04/02--site created

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