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The Stallion Webring

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"A ring of 100+ sites featuring stallions at stud of all breeds from all over the world!"


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If you are here visiting the ring, feel free to use the "Ring Navigation" links at the top of the page. I will suggest using the "list sites" link so that you are sure to view each site in the ring. Also, on the "list sites" page you will get a description of each individual site and what they are offering.

If you are here to join the ring please read this paragraph carefully! Any sites that do not contain the required criteria will be deleted from the ring.

Here is a list of required criteria:

1) Your site must list or promote at least one breeding stallion that is standing to outside mares. All breeds are welcome and encouraged to join! Sites strictly featuring links to other stallion sites are not acceptable unless you are a site dedicated to promoting breeding stallions.

2) The HTML fragment has to be in place on your site before your site will be accepted into the ring!! It doesnt have to be on the homepage. The following pages will be acceptable for the fragment: A links page, webrings page, directly on a stallions page, or on the homepage. The fragment must be on a page that is accessable from your homepage.

Please install the fragment onto your page as soon as your site info is submitted to ensure a speedy and easy transfer from the queue to the ring. You will need a basic knowledge of HTML and the ability to access and edit your webpage. Keep reading for an idea of what the fragment looks like and does. Feel free to play around with it a bit to get the feel of it and how it works.

The HTML fragment sent to you via email when you submit your site information is customized specifically for your site..Your fragment will not look exactly like the one above. You are free to customize the "look and feel" of your fragment but please do not change any of the original HTML with the exception of the image. Overall, you can add to the fragment..just dont take anything away.

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