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Words from Webmaster:

Maggie Siu Sphere has been operating for more than a year already. I would like to thank you those who support this website all these time. I really appreciate and want to thank you those people who always give me supports. The webmasterís intention to make this website is to bring smiles to all Maggie Siuís fans.

Recently, I noticed some websites have used graphics (pictures, wallpapers, calendars) from Maggie Siu Sphere without asking permission. I didnít take action about the matter doesnít mean I donít mind or care. I know this problem exist awhile back but I didnít take action due to my busy schedule.

No matter if you like the graphics or not and want to put them on your website, I really hope you will put me on your shoes. I have stated very clearly that if any webmasters want to use graphics from Maggie Siu Sphere, you need to ask for permission first. I am not hard on lending you pictures, I am grateful of helping you. All you need is ask. That, I didnít ask for much right?

The graphics (backgrounds and banners) in Maggie Siu Discussion Forum belong to Maggie Siu Sphere and Yushy administration. If you want to use those graphics on your site, you also need to ask for permission first.

I wrote this message because the problem is getting worst and worst. This message is especially to the webmasters who have violated my copyright. Without asking is just like stealing which is very unethical.

Please take all my graphics (pictures, wallpapers, calendarsÖ.) out of your website. I am very serious about this.

I appreciate that you make a website for Maggie (honestly, I really mean it) and if you need help, I sure many of us will help you. If you need graphics, just ask.

I didnít ask for any returns when I did this website. I make this website because I appreciate Maggieís talent and hope more people will appreciate her too. I donít want to nag on how much time I spent on this website or the graphics on this site and the forum, please respect my words. You donít have to like me or this website, but at least put you on my shoes. You will understand why I wrote this message. Thank You!

Kuji, Webmaster of Maggie Siu Sphere

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More summaries coming soon!

Many series included my personal opinion and rating. So if the rating and comments are different from yours, please don't feel offended. Thank You!