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Get ready to MATCH the STARS!  From "Charlie's Angels," David Doyle, Brett Somers,

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Charles Nelson Reilly, Connie Stevens, Jack Jones,

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and Betty White as we play the star-studded, big-money, Match Game '78, and here's the star of Match Game '78... Gene Rayburn!




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The celebrities had a good time during the show's taping.  Connie appeared to maybe have had one too many shots before the show.  Charles did his usual Brett ribbing and Betty got in a couple of zingers on Brett as well.


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Betty helped the contestant Lanzia win $5000 on the head-to-head match.   It was "BLANK your heart."  Cross did it.


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Charles asked Gene if it indeed was a new season/new year.  When Gene said yes, Charles made the above plea to the producers.


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"Once more, Charles Nelson Reilly has gotten me to make a fool of myself on network television."  That's how Brett summed up her being center stage when it was time for the sign change.  Chuck then called for the new sign to come down, for the changing o' the signs.  (which due to the newer logo, a whole new one didn't have to be built)  The sign came down, it was a little tough to get the old logo off and the new one on.   Charles and Gene did it together.   Charles thanked everyone for watching.

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Charles plugged the extension in, and then in his best loud CNR voice yelled, "Turn it on!"  Then he and Brett christened the sign by breaking champagne bottles over it.  Of course, the balloons came down next.

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There were hugs, handshakes, and kisses all around.


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In the end, Gene may have had too much excitement!


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