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Get ready to MATCH the STARS!  Richard Deacon, Fannie Flagg,

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Charles Nelson Reilly, Mary Wickes, Richard Dawson,

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and Joyce Bulifant as we play the star-studded, big-money, Match Game '77, and here's the star of Match Game '77... Gene Rayburn!


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The festivities started right out at the beginning of the show.   Charles came down and asked Sid the stagehand to bring down '77 sign.  He asked Gene what it said, and Gene said, "Match Game '77."  Charles then pointed out they needed a new sign.  Gene then pointed out that they didn't have a sign.  Oh but they did!  Charles "bought the bulbs, Richard paid for the plywood and the kids were up painting all night!"

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"And thanks to the magic of showbiz... bring it in Sid!" Chuck yelled. 

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The new logo dropped from the sky!  Then the balloons dropped on the celebrities and the audience.  Richard made Johnny come in for a shake then Fannie demanded a kiss from Richard! 

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Gene hugged Fannie and shook Richard's hand.  The audience began popping balloons and Gene called for a commercial!



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The rather cute contestant, Teri, won the audience match with Charles and decided to play for $5000 with Richard.  While she was picking and right before Gene was about to read the question, Mary and Joyce kept yelling and carrying on (tipsy anyone?).  Gene said, "That's enough egg nog for you Mary."

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The question was a toughie, "BLANK Assistant."  Even, Richard had a hard time coming up with a response.  The contestant totally blanked however and said, "my."

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Richard had "magician."  The audience like "dentist's."  I would have said, "personal."


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Gene was infatuated with contestant Colleen's natural red hair.


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"In the world's strangest Indian Tribe instead of passing a peace pipe, they pass a BLANK pipe."  Richard Deacon said pot, and when Fannie called him a doper, he illustrated the part.  Chuck then played the part of the happy hippie.

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Meanwhile - Joyce and Mary acted as if they were on pot, drawing faces on the balloons!


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Gene even got to do his Old Man Periwinkle!


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Gene led the cast in one more chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" as the credits began to roll.



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