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Get Ready to MATCH the STARS!  Joey Bishop, Brett Somers,

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Charles Nelson Reilly, Elizabeth Allen, Richard Dawson,

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and Fannie Flagg as we play the star-studded, big-money, Match Game '76, and here's the star of Match Game '76... Gene Rayburn!



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Right away at the beginning, Charles has a special announcement, he brought a special friend.  As the giant bird drops from the sky, Chuck tells everyone not to be nervous -- the bird has been sedated by the ASPCA.   Chuck then leads the "Goody-Toddy" bird down to Gene.

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Gene is in complete awe as the bird clucks and crows in the sky.  The bird will give us the LAST bicentennial moment.  (those were vey annoying clips of CBS stars giving a history lesson during 1976)

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Chuck catches the dropped bird egg which is revealed to have a Match Game '77 logo on it!

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The bird takes off, as Charles hands the egg to Gene.   Gene loves the egg and puts it on the panel with the rest of the celebrities.


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In the audience match part of the show, the winning conestant picks Richard for "U BLANK."  (Richard said U S of A). 

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Gene kept yammering on about how was so sure it was up there, but when it wasn't - he and George were shocked!  Gene gave George the goody-toddy egg because his answer laid an egg as well.


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