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Get Ready to MATCH the STARS!  Dick Martin, Brett Somers,

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Charles Nelson Reilly, Jody Donovan, Richard Dawson,

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and Fannie Flagg as we play the star-studded, big-money Match Game '75, and here's the star of Match Game '75, Gene Rayburn!


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Gene makes a polite "queen's royal wave" to the audience and wants everyone to appreciate Jody Donovan's stunning dress and looks.



The Game starts out with contestant, Doris Dean, not matching anyone in the audience match, and so she doesn't even get to play for the big money.  Then, we meet Janis Valentine.


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Gene asks "Shall we begin?"  Janis responds with an enthusiastic, "Let's do it!"  Gene smirks, and thinks she's, "gonna win A LOT of money."  What a cad.

The stars begin to try to match the contestants, working very hard and providing good answers.


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Gene seems to really have his eye out for Jody the entire show :)


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For her last question, Janis needs to whisper to Gene if she can say "virginity" on the air.  Well, of course she can!!


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The stars provide some good answers, but the score is a zip to zip tie by the end of the last round.


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Janis does score two matches in her tie breaker question, but then it's time for a little celebrating.....



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Gene talks of a little confusion at the end of the show, but CNR comes to the rescue holding the rather large "spirit of '75."

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Gene insists they need the "spirit of '76" though, so Chuck easily remedies the situation by popping the balloon and revealing the "spirit of '76."  If that doesn't work...they can try the "spirit of '77," or

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the "spirit of 78" (written on CNR's thumb).  Chuck then asks to see the nurse, but Gene wants him to lead the cast in a chorus of "Auld Lang Syne."  The cast in their wacky party outfits comply and sing along.

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Suddenly, balloons are dropped on the audience and the celebrities.  Then, the new Match Game '76 logo comes down from the heavens.

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On the voice-over end announcement, Johnny Olson wishes the audience a "happy, happy New Year, Everybody!"

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