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Get Ready to MATCH the STARS!  James Darren, Brett Somers,

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Nipsey Russell, Juliet Mills, Richard Dawson,

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and Betty White as we play the star-studded, big-money, Match Game '74, and here's the star of Match Game '74... Gene Rayburn!



This episode had some great moments as the celebrities were in good spirits and worked hard to match the contestants.

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Nipsey kicks things off with a poem:

To slow down this recession

And make this economy drive

Give us our social security now

We'll go to work when we're sixty-five


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Tom wins the round played at the beginning of the show and goes on to the super match but when they get back from commerical, Tom is making odd movements with his mouth.  Gene wonders what's up.  Tom explains his mouth is dry.

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Gene has Johnny Olson bring Tom a little water.

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Gene then wonders if there's anything else they can do for Tom.  He's got something in grey flannel.


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"Doctor Frankenstein said to his monster, 'I've got good news and bad news.  The good news is:  I'm giving you a second head.    The bad news is:  I'm getting it from BLANK."

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Richard answers "Brett."

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Brett becomes enraged!


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The '74 sign is brought down and Gene thanks all who have helped make Match Game '74 the number one daytime program.  Then the new '75 sign is lowered.

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The streamers and balloons come down and Gene and the celebrities party!


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