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Get ready to MATCH the STARS!  Bert Convy, Brett Somers,

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Charles Nelson Reilly, Lee Meriwether, Richard Dawson and

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Gail Fisher as we play the star-studded, big-money Match Game '73, and here's the host of Match Game '73... Gene Rayburn!


There wasn't much in the way of huge humor in the final episode of Match Game '73, except for Bert's seat breaking which made him look like a midget sitting in the upper tier. 

After the last commerical break, Gene is seen standing in front of the '73 logo saying what a great year it was.  Then,  the logo flies up and the stars wave to it as it goes. 


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The new logo then comes down and everything just breaks loose.  The celebrities go bonkers, and even Johnny Olson gets into the festivities.

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That was the end of Match Game '73!


Blooper:  The last superimposed logo on the screen still showed '73!

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