"Ow!" Angel rubbed his arm and ducked behind Faith.

That didn't save him.


"I can't believe you! How could you not know that wasn't me?" Cordelia shrieked.

Faith winced as the irate ex-cheerleader hit a note heard only by dogs, Slayers, vampires and a nearly extinct form of demon living in the Himalayan mountains.

"But Cordy," Angel tried again; Faith could have told him to save his breath. Ever since the lady had returned from the great beyond and the AI gang had discovered, much to their chagrin, that the woman they all thought was Cordelia Chase was in fact a shape changing demonic goddess, Cordy had been hell bent on making her displeasure known.

Personally, from her observations, Faith could see how they could have been deceived; demonic goddess or Cordelia Chase, only her hairdresser knows for sure.

"Like I would say those things to you; 'Angel, I didn't really know what Angelus was like, I love you but.'" She smacked him again.

"How could you fall for that line of crap? Oh and let's not even talk about my sleeping with Connor." She shot the teen a quick look of sympathy.

"I know it's not your fault honey and I'm sorry but I would never sleep with someone whose diapers I changed. It's just 'ewwww' okay?"

Connor nodded morosely, taking comfort in Gunn's warm arm around his shoulder.

"But you, you should have known better!" She pointed at Angel accusingly.

"I wasn't the only one." Angel pointed desperately at Wesley and Fred who were doing their best to make themselves as small as possible. "They didn't realize it either."

"That's true," Cordy said reasonably and Angel let out an unnecessary breath of relief.

"But," Cordy held up one finger and beckoned to the nervous vampire.

Faith shook her head vigorously, "Don't do it Angel," she said under her breath. Angel moved forward like a moth to a flame.

Faith, Wes and Fred sighed and shared a look that said plainly, 'Whipped'.





"Say they loved me!"


"Ow Cordy, not the hair!"

The End