"Well, well if it isn't Lindsey MacDonald. What caused you to drag your sorry ass back into town?" Lilah sneered before taking another sip of her fifth whiskey sour of the night. She wasn't drunk yet but she had been pleasantly buzzed until she caught sight of a familiar dark head of hair out of the corner of her eye. God, what were the odds of running into her old
nemesis in this tacky dump?

She was on the prowl and had grown bored with her usual hunting grounds. On a whim, she'd decided she was in the mood for out of town businessmen tonight and thus her appearance in The Sunset Room of the Santa Monica Holiday Inn. Unfortunately she hadn't
found anything worth her while and thus her pissy disposition and choice of drinks. A row of cherries attested to the slim pickings the evening had offered.

Lindsey heaved a heavy sigh and shook his head, too intelligent to think that Lilah was a figment of his imagination but hoping against hope anyway. He turned to face her, recognizing that she was well on her way to getting sloshed and already too buzzed to move on to a new drinking hole for the evening. He might as well sit down next to her or she'd embarrass him by yelling insults across the bar.

"Yeah, give me a Scotch, neat and a glass of water." Lindsey ordered the not so good-looking bartender before turning to Lilah with a patently false welcoming smile.

"Lilah, how the Hell are you?"

"I'm just fine Lindsey." She looked him up and down, noting his beat up cowboy boots and faded jeans. "Gee, I didn't know the rodeo was in town."

"That the best you can do Lilah?" Lindsey 'tsked tsked' sadly.

"I froze your bank account." She retaliated smugly.

"I had a spell placed on your stash of chocolates so that each one adds a pound to your figure." Lindsey sipped contentedly at his drink.

"You pig!" She hissed. He laughed and she glared at him balefully before a razor sharp smile twisted her features.

"I slept with Angel before you did." She leaned in close and purred in his ear.

Lindsey calmly knocked back the rest of his drink and stood up without a word. Lilah's eyes widened as she saw her ex-colleague turn and kiss first Angel and then Wesley in greeting.

The three men returned her stare with wry smiles.

For one of the few times in her life, Lilah was struck speechless.

"I forgive you." Lindsey said sincerely before taking a proffered arm in each hand and leaving the bar. He couldn't resist one final wink over his shoulder.

"Fuck!" Lilah finished her drink. The bartender opened his mouth and quickly shut it at the look in her eyes. Another whiskey sour appeared in front of her and another cherry joined his comrades on the bar.

The End