Fallen Angels (Home is Where the Heart Is)- Spike/Xander, R-rating, Five parts + the Finale. My first try at a fic, apologies in advance. Fallen Angel idea - Xander's doing hard time on Planet Earth. Shades of the movie "Prophecy". Five parts + two part Finale. (Sequel 'Dancing Lessons')

Untitled Fic in answer to the "Regrets Challenge"- Spike/Xander, R-rating. Regrets challenge: Spike loves Xander more than he has loved anyone before, but he gets a chance to get the chip out. The condition on getting the chip out is to kill Xander. Spike thinks that he would do anything to get the chip out, so he agrees. He kills Xander. Years into
the future Spike still thinks about Xander, and regrets the choice he has made. -I cheated a bit on the challenge. Sorry.

Dancing Lessons (sequel to 'Fallen Angels') - Spike/Xander, R-rating. Xander is an angel reborn as a human. Spike and Xander are a couple. Gabriel is his old boss and needs a favor. Dedication: This is for bethcat27 who asked for a sequel involving Gabriel. Hope you like it. Told in seven parts (sequel 'Family Matters')

If Wishes Were Horses... - Spike/Xander, Pg-13 rating. An answer to Laura Garrighan's Christmas Challenge with a curtsey to Mad Poetess and James W's "Small Fry" series.

Family Matters (sequel to 'Dancing Lessons') - Spike/Xander, R-rating. 3rd story in what I'm calling the "Fallen Angels Arc"- ('Home is Where the Heart Is' and 'Dancing Lessons') are previous stories but you can read this story alone. Xander is an angel reborn as a human. Spike and Xander are a couple. Dedication: This is for everyone who asked to see Angel and gang deal with ex-angel Xander. Hope you like it. Told in Eight parts +Epilogue and Finale.

Fragment - Spike/Xander, R-rating. WARNING: Character Death. Xander and Spike in the future. Somehow this just got stuck in my head and I had to get it out.

Untitled fic in answer to the "Drabble Challenge"- Spike/Xander, G-rating. Spoilers: Angel Season 3. Summary: answer to kdorian's 100 word drabble challenge. (very short LOL)

Old Friends - Spike/Xander, Pg-13 rating. Spike gets to play Dear Abby. Told in ten parts and has a sequel " Not So Innocents Abroad ".

The Kings Vampire - Spike/Xander sort of, read and you'll know why. PG-rating. Summary: Alternate universe fable. WARNING: Character death. Seven parts so far.

Tales of The Zeppo - Spike/Xander, R-rating. Spoilers: Season 5 then off to AU. Summary: Buffy never came back. Notes: Answer to Darlean's Xander challenge - Xander in a tux. These are just one at a time tales, told in eleven parts (finished).

Not So Innocents Abroad (sequel to "Old Friends") - Spike/Xander, Pg-13 rating. Spoilers: Buffy - Season Six. Summary: It's off to South America for the Naming Day. Told in Twenty-five parts.

Two Birds with One Stone - Spike/Xander/Anya, R-rating. Spoilers: Up to Season Six. Summary: Spike is fond of Xander. WARNING: Not a happy fic, author working out a bad day.

The Sin Eaters - Spike/Xander (Buffy/Riley, Willow/Tara), R-rating. Spoilers: Season Four somewhat, and no Dawn. Summary: I got to thinking; what was the real reason
behind Maggie Walsh's experiments? Notes: I've never really done angst or high drama. I don't know if this will work. It's grim but I hope you enjoy it. I just needed to get the idea out of my system. Un-beta'd, my mistakes alone. WARNING: Character death.
Six parts so far.

You don't Know what You've Got... - Xander/Spike, Pg-13 rating. Summary: Just a fragment of an idea which I got after reading the worthy Jake's Tightrope stories. Thank you Jake for your creative mind and giving it the once over.

Mirror, Mirror - Spike/Lindsey, PG rating. Improv #47 Bryan Adams Song Title Challenge. Just a late night fic and first try at an Improv. Sorry if it rambles.

No Good Deed - Wesley/Lindsey, R-rating. Road trip to redemption. Just another late night fic. Told in Ten parts Completed.

Got a Light  - Surprise pairing, Pg-13 rating, Ficlet Fun. Inspired by this line from 'Whores of Lost Atlantis' by Charles Busch - "I realize that a good man is hard to find, but you can usually find a reasonable facsimile before the bar closes at 4."

Same Time Next Week and Same Time- Different Channel and Nothing Stays The Same and The More Things Change...- Angel/Xander. PG-rating.  Improv #50 crisp, fall, return, ending. Summary: Willow isn't the only one who calls LA. A quick Ficlet that got turned into a series because of a demand for more...

Revenge of the Return of the Son of the Gem of Amara, the Sequel and Return of the Gem of Amara, 3-D - Pairing: S/X, G/W, A/C, A/anything breathing, PG Rating. Summary: It's been a rough week RL wise. I did this to cheer myself up. It's silly and not beta'd. "What, you're not going to show us William the vampire?!". Author's Note: Also for TJ who offered money to read more of Liam the vampire wanker: small denominations, unmarked of course. Six parts completed.

Lost and Found (sequel to "Not So Innocents Abroad") - Spike/Xander, R- rating. Summary: "I thought you had the baby.". Author's Note: Bow down before Janet, beta wunderkind. Part 3b) so far.

What are Friends for...? and  With Friends Like These...? - Spike/Xander, G to Pg13- rating. Fluff, pure simple. Thank you Rilja for the plot bunny. Spoilers for Season Seven. A/N: For Steffi who gave me the plot bunny.

Whisper of a Kiss - Spike/Angel, Pg-13 rating. Spoilers: Buffy - Season 7, Angel-Season 3.Summary: You're never truly alone. A little holiday Ficlet that assumes Buffy quickly made the connection between Spike's ramblings and Angel's ramblings from years before.

The Soft Side of a Hard Heart (sequel to "Whisper of a Kiss") - Spike, Angel- R-rating. Spoilers: Buffy S7, Angel S3. Summary: Buffy figured out it was the First Evil right away when Spike was crazy and called Angel to come get him and help. The boys are on their way back to LA.

Not the Hair! - No pairings, G rating. Spoilers: Angel S4, I'm serious. Author's Notes: Dedicated to Deana. Technically no slash but...  Summary: Angel the Series, Episode One, Season Five.

Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling - Spike/Lorne, Drusilla. Pg-13 rating. Summary: A boy, a boy and a Coup de Ville - fluff. Author's Notes: Ah, the late fifties, such an innocent time. I know it's not canon but humour me.

Freedom's Just Another Word... (Interlude to "No Good Deed") - Lindsey/Wesley, Pg-13 rating. Author's Note II: Thank you Janis Joplin.