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    This is the place to test your knowledge! Are you a real FANatic or merely a huge fan? Answer the 30 questions the best you can and click "submit" to get your score! Based on your results you can see on what FANatic level you are!

      1.What Is Janet's Full Name?
      2. When Is Michael's Birthday?
      3. What's The Name Of Rebbie's 1986 Album?
      4. Who is Valencia Jackson?
      5. Which Team Are The 3Tz On?
      6. Which Janet Song Is Dedicated To Her Dog?
      7. Which Is Latoya's Latest Release?
      8. What Year Did J5 Have Their First #1?
      9. Who First Called Michael "The King Of Pop"?
      10. Janet Made Her First Stage Appearance In..?
      11. What Song On "Victory" Did Tito Sing?
      12. From Which Movie is "On The Line"?
      13. Which Two Acted Against Janet In "Poetic Justice"?
      14. In What Michael Video Did Brandi Jackson Appear?
      15. Who Sang "You're The One" With Michael?
      16. Which Single Was 3T's Debut?
      17. Which Song Is A Jermaine/Whitney Duet?
      18. Which Rebbie Song Features The Weather Girls?
      19. Which Model Has NOT Starred In One Of Michael's Videos?
      20. What Is "Love Song For Kids"?
      21. Who Wrote "You Are Not Alone"?
      22. Name Jackie's Ex-wife?
      23. Who Introduced J5 To The Public?
      24. What Song Did Michael Sing With Latoya?
      25. In What Series Has Janet NOT Appeared?
      26. Which Rebbie Song Is NOT A B-Side?
      27. Which Jackson Is Married To Rex Salas?
      28. What Song Did 3T Cover On Their Tour?
      29. What's The Name Of Marlon's Solo Album?
      30. How Many Children Does Michael Have?

    You got out of right.

    Your Score: %

    Less Than 30% Right: Well, You Like The Jacksons But Need To Go Deeper! ;-)

    30 - 60% Right: You're Probably A Big Fan, But I Wouldn't Call You A FANatic! ;-)

    Over 60% Right: You're A True FANatic! Keep Up The Good Work! ;-)


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