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  • You Know You're A Fan When...!

    Do you draw Sankofa symbols all over your books? Do you do crazy stuff for Michael that you normally wouldn't do? Below are some symptoms of the maniac-desease! I am actually nearly guilty of everything myself, so you're not alone out there! If you recognize more than 10 you're a true FANatic! If not; beware it's spreading fast! Know of another symptom? Send it inHere!

      You Know You're A MJFan if:

    • you've become the school source of Michael info!

    • you quote him whenever you have a chance!

    • whenever you mention his name, everybody sighes!

    • he's on tv, talks and you respond!

    • your family isn't interested, but in some mysterious way know everything about him!

    • you bake a cake on his birthday!

    • somebody offends him and you take it personally!

    • you try to brainwash your neigbours by blasting him daily!

    • you make everyone buy his albums!

    • you'd marry him in a heartbeat!

    • your room is covered with posters!

    • you've seen these symptoms before!

    • You Know You're A JanFan if:

    • whenever you hear a bell you go "We are a nation with no geographic boundaries..."

    • you have your hair done like her!

    • you have the same tatoo as her!

    • you play her records in the order the come in the concerts!

    • you choreograph your own dance sequences to her songs!

    • you give advise using her lyrics!

    • you celebrate the album's anniversaries!

    • you put her CD's in front of all the others in stores!

    • you memorize the poetry in Poetic Justice!

    • you feel extremely proud when she receives an award!

    • you want to tell cameramen from what angles she looks better!

    • you promote TVR like you're actually from the record company!

    • you know you'd propose if you met her!

    • you have a framed picture on your desk!

    • you've seen these symptoms before!


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