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    Check out these funfacts!
    Did you know this about the Jackson Family?

    Know of another funfact?

    LaToya is a vegetarian!

    Pamela Phillips Oland, who wrote the Jermaine/Whitney Duet "Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do)", didn't want Whitney to record the song, because she was an unknown artist!

    During the recording of "The Velvet Rope", Janet meditated daily!

    Jermaine used to be a member of 4-H in Lake County!

    Michael, Jermaine and Janet have all performed for Nelson Mandela!

    In a 'Facts of life' episode, entitled "Starstruck", which aired on February 3rd 1982, Tootsie turns out to be a Jermaine Jackson FANatic!

    Michael holds the record for having played the most at London's now closed Wembley Arena with 15 (mostly sold-out) performances.

    Katherine was named Woman Of The Year by Essence Magazine in 1985!

    Michael visited director Tim Burton on the set of Mars Attacks! and gave him 3 drawings he had made based on the movie!

    Michael recommends Peanutbutter for insomnia!

    Michael was the first artist to ever win a MTV Music Video Award! He won Best Overall Performance for Thriller on September 14th 1984. He also won Best Choreography and the Viewer's Choice Award! Unfortunately Michael didn't attend the show.

    Thanx to Miss Janet for Funfact #3!


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