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    Celebrities adore the Jacksons too! In fact, many of them have been inspired by them to become what they are today! Below you'll find some fellow FANatics! To prove it, I have quotes and I have pictures and there all here for you to view!

    Kylie Minogue

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    Australian songbird Kylie Minogue is a big fan of Janet and got to meet her while she was on tour!

    "Michael is a miracle."
    - Kenny Gamble

    Marilyn Manson

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    Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson is a big fan of both Janet and Michael!

    "He's the greatest. Innovative. Black."
    - Teddy Riley

    Naomi Campbell

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    Fashion model Naomi Campbell is a friend of both Janet and Michael!

    "Michael is the most intense person I've worked with."
    The thing about Michael is his talent. If you put Michael onstage without the explosions and the other dancers he'll still command the stage."
    - Jimmy Jam


    Click To Enlarge!!
    Michael and Madonna dated in the early 90z!

    "I wanted to be Michael Jackson. He electrified me and I wanted to be that way too" - Madonna

    Whitney Houston

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    There have been some rumours that Whitney and Janet don't get along, but it sure looks like they do!

    "He's a fucking brilliant entertainer, a complete natural. He's the only guy I've met that's real - for that kind of Music." - Slash

    Lisa-Marie Presley

    Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!!
    Ex-wife Lisa-Marie Presley is till one of Michael's closest friends and often hangs out with Janet!

    "Michael, as well as myself, have been severly underestimated and misunderstood as human beings. I can't wait for the day when all the snakes who have tried to take him out get to eat their own lunch and crawl back in the holes from which they came. We know who they are and their bluff is about to be called."
    - Lisa-Marie Presley

    Sheryl Crow

    Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!!
    Sheryl was Michael's backup singer on the Bad tour! Lucky Girl!

    2 Pac & Larry Fishbourne

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Janet acted against 2Pac in Poetic Justice and he allegedly had a huge crush on her, but then again so does the world's entire male population!
    Larry is also a big Janet fan!

    "Working with Michael was definitely not just another day at the office." - R. Kelly

    Puff Daddy

    Click To Enlarge!!
    "She was my fantasy woman as I grew up, so it would be a dream to work with her." - Puff Daddy

    Stevie Wonder

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Stevie Wonder have been friends with the Jacksons for a long time, but he is closest to Michael!

    "He's the only real superhero. Think about it."
    - Dallas Austin

    Quincy Jones

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Quincy first met Michael when he did "The Wiz" and then teamed up for "Off The Wall"! Everybody knows the result!

    Benny Hill

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Michael is a huge Benny Hill fan and he was a huge Michael Jackson fan! Michael met him in an English hospital shortly before he died.

    "He's so inspiring and what a genius!" - Anastacia

    Mary Wilson

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Former supreme Mary Wilson is a big Jackson fan!

    Ricky Martin

    Ricky recently did an MTV interview, here's a portion of it:

    John Norris (MTV): I have not been this blown away visually by a show since, like, Michael Jackson toured years ago.

    Ricky Martin: Whoa, talking about Mr. Jackson, all my respects. He definitely has a lot to do with my career. He's the legend; El Maestro, you know? From him, we learn a lot, and definitely he will always be a part of my life.

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Ricky is also a big fan of Janet!

    "We grew up on Michael Jackson, the Jacksons...Janet". - A.B. Quantanilla (brother of Selena)

    Nicolette Larson

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Big Fan of Michael!

    "I'm not a trained choreographer, I used to watch lots of videos growing up.. I used to watch all the Michael Jackson videos, I would watch them over and over and try to learn all his moves, and do everything he does.. ". - Fatima Robinson

    [Fatima choreographed parts of the 'Remember The Time' video for Michael. For more on her work, click here!]

    98 Degrees

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Pop group 98 Degrees opened Janet's TVR tour in the States and are fans of both Michael and Janet!


    Click To Enlarge!!
    They did Poetic Justice together, then "Got 'Til It's Gone, then went to the VMAs! Anyone smell a romance?

    "I wanted success, I wanted to be like Michael Jackson, but you know what? I'm glad I didn't reach it, cause I'm happy with my life right now" - Donny Osmond

    Nelson Mandela

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Nelson Mandela enjoys the music of the entire Jackson Family!

    Question: If you could create a perfect moment what would it be and who would it be with?

    "Oh gosh. It would probably be one of those going back in time things where you get to have dinner with someone who's dead, so I'd have dinner with Marilyn Monroe. Or else with someone who isn't in the media a lot, so I'd have coffee with Michael Jackson. That would be perfect. " - Darren (Savage Garden)

    Eddie Murphy

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Eddie is a friend and fan of both Michael & Janet! Remember Remember The Time? How about Yeah?

    [About Appearing In Michael's Bad Video]
    "I was amazed by Michael`s level of concentration"...."I thought if I could achieve that, then people might react to me like they were reacting to Michael." - Wesley Snipes

    Gwen Stefani

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Gwen Stefani of No Doubt is a Janet fan. This picture was taken at Janet's TVR party in London!

    Lenny Kravitz

    Click To Enlarge!!
    [Remembers seeing the J5 in concert at Madison Square Garden]
    "I wanted to be in the J5! The Jackson 5 + 1!"

    Sammy Davis Jr.

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Legend Sammy Davis Jr. was a Michael fan!

    "Michael Jackson is the greatest artist of all. I never enjoyed working with anyone so much as I did with him." - Wyclef Jean

    N*Sync & Keith Richards

    Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!!
    Janet with Rolling Stone Keith Richards and pop group N*Sync backstage! All Fans!
    "We learnt that [singing-style] from Michael Jackson. Listen to his records, he chops lines. Chop! Chop! It makes an impact. We definately learnt that from listening to him." - N*Sync

    "I really love Michael Jackson. Everything he's ever done, I was really like all over. So I'm like, one of his biggest fans anyway, so you know, I just kept it in that direction. And when we came up with the track, and heard the "who's bad?"--the whole thing just really put me in the mind of him when I did it." - Trina

    "I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was 7 years old and heard the Jackson 5 sing "ABC". - Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind)

    Diana Ross

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Diana Ross have always been an admirer of the Jackson Family and is one of their closest friends!


    Click To Enlarge!!
    Singer Shanice is a huge Janet fan! If you listen closely to her hit "I Love Your Smile" you can hear Janet laughing!


    Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!!
    TLC are big fans of Janet! Pictured above is Chilli & T-Boz from TLC with Janet!


    Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!!
    Usher is a big fan of both Michael and Janet! Pictured above (left) with Janet and T-Boz from TLC, and (right) sporting a Thriller T-shirt at MTVIcon: Janet Jackson!

    Question: "Who would you most want to do a duet with?"

    "Some of my favorites...I was thinking about this the other day. Michael Jackson would be the ultimate." - Jessica Simpson

    Backstreet Boys

    Click To Enlarge!!
    The Backstreet Boys are huge fans of the Jacksons! Janet and Michael are favourites!

    "...As far as performers I really like Madonna and Janet. On stage they're like WOW! and you never know what's gonna happen next!....When I was little I listened to like Thriller, Michael Jackson!" - Britney Spears

    General Colin Powell

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Janet donated proceeds from the Velvet Rope Tour to an organisation called America's Promise. Chairman General Colin Powell is a Janet fan!

    "He's one of the few rock stars that can actually sing. Most of them just scream!" - Little Richard

    "He's the best!" - Aaron Carter


    Click To Enlarge!!
    Both Janet & Michael have worked with Blackstreet, who are fans of course!

    The Royal Family Of Monaco

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie especially are huge fans! Stephanie even appeared as the mystery girl on Michael's "In The Closet"!

    Heavy D

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Got with Janet (Alright) then with Michael (Jam)!

    "I think that's my favorite song, from Michael Jackson, that's always been 'Lady Of My Life," and it was an opportunity to be able to record that song and I tried it. It was not definite that it would go on the album. As far as putting it out as a single, that's something that I would never do -- it's a Michael Jackson track, you know? It's a Michael Jackson song -- you can't top Michael." - Mya

    Busta Rhymes

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Takes every opportunity to get closer to Janet!...Who wouldn't?

    Destiny's Child

    Click To Enlarge!!

    "My heart definitely fluttered when we met Michael in New York, 98 Degrees were there, Whitney Houston, so many people. He shook everybody else's hand, but he hugged us. He hugged us for a couple of seconds. We were like, 'Aaaah'!" - Kelly & Beyonce of Destiny's Child

    "I listen to Michael Jackson every photoshoot we do. And I was thinking of Michael Jackson when I wrote 'Fancy' and 'Bootylicious'. I was thinking of Michael when we did the ad-libs, because a lot of them are like 'Hee-hee'!" - Beyonce Knowles


    New Orleans rapper Mystikal stated in a recent interview that "Bad" is one of his favorite albums, and that the best concert he'd ever been to was Michael when he was little.


    Click To Enlarge!!
    Gave props to Michael at the Golden Globes by wearing a dress with his print!

    Flo Anthony

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Personal friend and fan of the family! Pictures here with Latoya!

    Siegfriend & Roy

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Friends of Michael! Michael even wrote a theme song for their Las Vegas show!

    "It doesn't sound dated. It's amazing to have so many hit songs on one album." - Tamia

    Bette Midler, David Bowie and Cher

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Aquaintances of Michael!


    Click To Enlarge!!
    Rebbie with group All4One, who are very big Jackson fans!

    Nathalie Cole

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Another admirer of the Jacksons!

    John Travolta

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Above is a picture of Michael and John from the mid-seventies!

    Elton John

    Click To Enlarge!! Click To Enlarge!!
    Elton John is a close friend of Michael's! In 1998 he also recorded a duet with Janet!

    Goldie Hawn

    Click To Enlarge!!
    The picture above is from a party both Michael and she attended!

    Wade Robson

    Click To Enlarge!!
    A very young Wade Robson with Michael! He now works as a choreographer for N*Sync, Britney Spears and so on...

    Jaques Chirac

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Michael with French president Jaques Chirac!

    BB King

    Click To Enlarge!!
    BB King, pictured above with Rebbie Jackson, is a fan!

    Steffi Graaf

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Tennis star Steffi Graaf is a big Jackson fan!

    Christina Aguilera

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Big fan of Janet!

    "Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time! He is my favorite!" - Lil'Kim

    Chris Rock

    Click To Enlarge!!
    Another big fan of Janet!


    Click To Enlarge!!
    R&B singer Tyrese loves the Jacksons!

    Honourable FANatics:
    Alice DeeJay, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Boyz II Men, Nelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Abs (Five), Son By Four, Leonardo DiCaprio, Changing Faces, First Love, Tatyana Ali, A*Teens, Lauryn Hill & The Fugees, No Authority, Westlife and TQ!

    More pix and quotes are on the way ASAP!


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