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Ambrosia (Amber) Moore (Adrienne Frantz) - Amber is Rick's wife, Little Eric's mother (not biologically), married also C.J.
Antonio (Tony) Dominguez (Paolo Beneti) - He is a designer at Spectra
Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) - Thorne's wife, Rick's & Bridget's mother, married also Ridge & Eric
Bridgette Forrester (Jennifer Finnigan) - Eric's & Brooke's daughter, Rick's sister, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia & Kristen's half-sister and Deacon's wife
Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar) - C.J. (Sally's son) & Mark's (Margo's son) father, Kristen & Sally's ex-husband and he's the head designer at Spectra Fashions
Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison) - Sally's secratary at Spectra, part of the family
Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) - He's the biological father of little Eric and he's in loved with Amber but married to Bridget
Eric Forrester (John McCook) - He's Stephanie's husband, Brooke & Sheila's ex-husband, the father of Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia, Angela, Rick & Bridget, grandfather (not biologically) of Little Eric and grandfather of Thomas, Steffy & Phoebe and he's Jessica's uncle and he's the head designer at Forrester Creations, the company he build with Stephanie, and he & his family hold 49% of the company.
Eric (Rick) Forrester Jr. (Justin Torkildsen) - Brooke's oldest son (from Eric), the brother of Bridget, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia & Kristen, the father of Eric the 3rd (not biologically) and he's married to Amber, for second time
Kristen Forrester (Tracy Melchior) - Eric & Stephanie's daughter, sister of Ridge, Thorne & felicia, and half-sister of Rick & Bridget. She was married to Clarke. She is somehow involved with Tony and she's Thomas, Phoebe, Steffy & Little Eric's (not biologically) aunt.
Little Eric (?) - Becky & Deacon's son
Megan Conley (Maeve Quinlan) - The Forrester's secratary
Phoebe Forrester (?) - Ridge & Taylor's daughter, Thomas' little sister and Steffy's twin sister
Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss) - Taylor's husband, Brooke's ex-husband. He also was married to Caroline. He's Eric & Stephanie's first child, big brother of Thorne, Kristen, Felicia, Rick & Bridget. He shares three children with Taylor - Thomas, Phoebe & Steffy. He once believed to be Bridget's father, who he delivered, but turned out to be her half big brother. He is a succesful designer at his family's company, Forrester Creations.
Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) - Macy's & C.J.'s mother. She is the owner and CEO of Spectra Fashions, which she build with her ex-husband, Macy's father, Adam Alexander. She was married to Clarke Garrison, who is C.J.'s father.
Sofia Alonzo (Sandra Vidal) - She is a spectra model, Tony's ex-girlfriend and she did hate Kristen because she was with Tony but now Sofia & Kristen are good friends.
Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) - She is the mother of Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Angela & Felicia. She is married to Eric, the man she has been in love with her entire adult life, for the second time. She works at Forrester Creations, the company she & Eric built. She's the grandmother of Thomas, Steffy & Phoebe.
Stephanie (Steffy) Forrester (?) - She's Ridge & Taylor's daughter. She named after gramma Stephanie, Ridge's mother. Thomas' little sister and Phoebe's twin sister.
Taylor Hayes Forrester (Hunter Tylo) - She's Ridge's wife, Jack's daughter, she is like a daughter to Stephanie and she's Thomas, Phoebe & Steffy's mommie. She's a phychatrist, who just came back to work (her new patient is Tony). She was also married to Blake Hayes and was "married" to Prince Omar (it wasn't legal, because Taylor was already married to Ridge, who believed she died in that terrible airplane accient), who called her Laila and hid her true identity from her.
Thomas Forrester (?) - Ridge & Taylor's first child. He is Eric, Stephanie & Jack's first grandchild. Thomas has two little sisters - Steffy & Phoebe.
Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) - He's Eric & Stephanie's son, brother of Ridge, Kristen& Felicia, half-brother of Rick & Bridget. He is Brooke's husband. He was married to Caroline & Macy.


Abigail (?) - little girl in Barbaros who be friended Brooke
Adam (?) - befriended Stephanie on the streets
Adam Alexander (Michael Swan) - Macy's & Kimberly's father, Sally's ex-husband
Alex Simpson (Carla Herd) - slept with Ridge before his wedding to Caroline
Alicia Cortez (Ivonne Coll) - mother of Claudia Cortez
Angela (Deveney) Forrester (Judith Borne) - Deveney posed as dead Angela - Ridge, Thorne, Kristen & Felicia's sister, Eric & Stephanie Forrester's daughter - to get the Forrester's money
Anthony Armando (Michael Sabatino) - Spectra's head designer turned murderer, killed Ivana, and was obsesses with Macy
Bailey Masterson (Paul Williams) -
Ben MacLaine (John Brandon) - Jake & Margo's father
Beth Logan (Judith Baldwin, Nancy Burnett) - Brooke's mother, Eric's old college flame
Bill Spencer (Jim Storm) - Caroline and Karen's father & Margo Lynley's husband
Blake Hayes (Peter Brown) - Taylor Hayes' ex-husband
Bonnie Roberts (Dorothy Lyman) - Karen Spencer's "adoptive" mother
Lt. Brad Baker (Don Martin) -
Brenda (Barbara Niven) - hired Dylan to strip at private parties
Dr. Brian (Kin Shriner) - Sheila's doctor at the mental hospital
Bridgette Forrester (Langry Allbright, Agnes Bruckner) - Rick's sister, Brooke & Eric's daughter
Carmen Arena (Gladis Jimenez) -
Caroline Spencer Forrester (Joanna Johnson) - married to Ridge & Thorne
Caterina (Jessica Hopper) - supermodel who appeared at the Forrester fashion show in Italy.
Clarke (C.J.) Garrison Jr. (Kyle Sabihy, Mick Cain) - Sally & Clarke's son, Becky's husband, half brother of Macy & Kimberly
Claudia Cortez (Lilly Melgar) -
Connie (Ana Mercedes) - The current maid in the Forrester home
Connor Davis (Scott Thompson Baker)- Sally's lawyer, involved with Brooke
Lt. Conran (Robert Craighead) -
Conway Weston (?) - private investigator who took pictures of Ridge & Alex's ryste
Damon Warwick ( James Doohan) - James' father
Dave Reed (Stephen Shortridge) - police detective, Brooke's ex-boyfriend
Deveney (Judith Borne) - posed as Angela Forrester, burned
Donna Logan (Carrie Mitchum) - Brooke's sister
Dylan Shaw (Dylan Neal) -
Earl Banks (Chip Heller) -
Elliott Parker (Robert Gentry) -
Enrique Alvarez (George Alvarez) -
Felicia Forrester (Colleen Dion) - Eric & Stephanie's daughter
Giovanni Lorenzano (Victor Alfieri) -
Gladys (Phyllis Diller) - Taylor's whacked out hairdresser
Granma Helen Logan (Lesley Woods) - Logan's granma and Stephen Logan's mother
Grant Chambers (Charles Grant) - married Macy
Heather (Shari Schattuck) - a model who had a brief fling with Ridge
Helen MacLaine (Tippi Hedren) - Jake & Margo's mother
Hunter Jones (Tristan Rogers) - private investigator working on the case of Grant Chambers
Imane (Roya Megnot) - Prince Omar hired her to follow Ridge & Brooke on their honeymoon
Ivana Vanderveld (Monika Schnarre) - Forrester's model, murderer by Anthony
Jack Hamilton (Chris Robinson) -Taylor's father, involved with Stephanie & Sally
Jake MacLaine (Todd McKee) - tennis pro, involved with Macy & Felicia
James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) - Damon's son, married Maggie & Sheila
Jasmine Malone (Lark Voorhies) - Jessica & Dylan's friend, Eric's niece
Dr. Jay Garvin (Brett Stimely) - Sheila's psychiatrist who fell to his death
Jeff Talon (John Castellanos) - the attorney who represented Caroline in her rape trial
Jerry Birn (Russell Todd) -
Jessica Forrester (Maitland Ward) - Maggie's daughter and Eric's niece
Joe Moore (?) - Becky's father, Amber's uncle, Tawny's brother
Jonathan Young (Joseph Campanella) - the Forrester's attorney
Jonny Carrera (Anthony Abbaddo) -
Julie Delorean (Jane Rogers) -romanced Clarke Garrison
Dr. Kelly (Jordana Capra) -
Karen Moncrieff (Michelle Brookner) -
Karen Spencer/Faith Roberts (Joanna Johnson) - Caroline's lost twin, involved with Thorne
Katie Logan (Nancy Sloan) - Brooke's sister, Beth & Stephen Logan's daughter
Keith Anderson (Ken LaRon) -worked at Bikini Bar, Macy's friend
Kevin Anderson (Keith Jones) - Keith's disabled brother
Kimberly Fairchild (Ashley Cafagna) - Adam's daughter
Kristen Forrester (Teri Ann Linn) -Stephanie & Eric's daughter
Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) - The forrester's good friend, loved Eric
Lieutenant Burke (Jeff Allin) - works for LAPD
Lucien Cortez (Emilio Rivera) - Claudia's brother
Macy Alexander Forrester (Bobbie Eakes) - Sally& Adam's daughter, half sister of C.J. & Kimberly, married to Thorne Forrester & Grant Chambers, died for car accident
Maggie Forrester (Barbara Crampton) - Jessica's mother, loved Dylan Shaw
Margo Lynley (Lauren Koslow) - married to Bill Spencer, loved Ridge
Maria (Irene Olga Lopez, Rita Gomez) - The Forrester's maid
Dr. Mark Benson (Richard Kline) -
Mark Lynley (?) - Margo's son
Mark Mallory(Michael Philip) - involved with Donna Logan
Dr. Martin Guthrie (David L. Lander) -
Mary/Margaret Elizabeth Warwick (Jacob/Lucas Barnes) - Sheila & James' daughter
Michael Lai (Lindsay Price) -
Mick Savage (Jeff Conaway) - Kristen's ex-boyfriend
Mike Guthrie (Ken Hanes) - Sheila's partner in crime
Molly Carter (Marilyn Alex) - Sheila's mother
Morgan DeWitt (Sarah Buxton) -
Nick Preston (Allan Hayes) - involved with Donna Logan
Pierce Peterson (Paul Satterfield) - worked with Taylor
Pierre Jordan (Robert Clary) - owner of Pierre's cafe
Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) - Moroccan prince, married Taylor/Laila
Raymond (Usher & Karim Prince) - Amber's friend
Rebecca "Becky" Moore (Marissa Tait) - Amber's cousin, C.J.'s wife
Rick Bayland (?) -
Rick Forrester (Jacob Young & Steven Hartman) -look current page
Rocco Garner (Bryan Genesse) - loved Donna but dated Katie
Ron Deacon (Greg Wrangler) -raped Caroline
Ruth Wilson (?) - worked with Beth Logan at her catering business
Ruthanne (?) -befriended Stephanie on the streets
Samantha (?) - Forrester model with a thing for Eric
Dr. Santana (Gina Gallero) - the Forrester's doctor
Sarah (Ellen Wheeler) - inmate at the mental hospital with Sheila
Saul Feinberg (Michael Fox) -Sally's right hand man
Scott Grainger (Peter Barton) - Lauren's husband
Sheila Carter Forrester (Kimberlin Brown) -
Sly Donovan (Brent Jasmer) - bartender at Bikini Bar, raped and tried to kill Jessica
Sonny Stone (George Hamilton) - ?
Stacy (?) - Donna's co-worker at Griffey's; helped her snap nude photos of Bill
Stephen Logan (Robert Pine) - Beth's husband, Brooke's father
Steve Crown (Perry Stephens) -Brooke's masseur who was Forrester spy
Storm Logan (Brian Patrick-Clark, Ethan Wayne) - Brooke's brother, Beth & Stephen's son
Tamara Walker (Tamara Walker) - owner of Canyon Country Club
Tawny Moore (Andrea Evans) - Amber's mother, Becky's aunt
Teresa Emerson (Olivia Virgil White) - prosecuted Dylan for the rape of Jessica and Ridge & Grant's shooting
Thorne Forrester (Jeff Trachta, Clayton Norcross) - look current page
Tilly Moore (?) - mother of Becky Moore, Amber's aunt
Tim Reid (Aaron Lustig) -
Tommy Bayland (Tim Choate) - photographer who was Donna's friend
Tony Carrera aka Rush (Anthony Abbaddo) - psycho who kept Eric and Lauren captive in Greenland
Valerie Cooper (Michele Richards) - ?
Vince (Scott Layne) - the owner of the Beverly Hills Hideaway
Yasmine (?) - Taylor/Laila's personal servant in Morocco
Zach Hamilton (Michael Watson) - Taylor's brother