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To some of my friends who have helped

me collect all my pictures: Anthony from Top Models Le Site Belge Mariina Bowellan from Tracey E.Bregman &

The Bold and The Beautiful Cast Galleries Anne-Marie Wiik from The World of Bobbie Eakes Ayelet Weisz from Ayelet's The Bold And

The Beautiful page, With Love To.. The Soaps!,

With Love To... JOANNA!, With Love To... RONN!,

With Love To.... BOBBIE!, With Love To...

KATHERINE & HUNTER! Ann-Christin Olsson from The Bold and The

Beautiful & Ridge & Taylor, An Everlasting Love Asli Guruney from Asli's B&B Fanfictions Page Henrietta Roos, Lauren Bynes, Amber, Niki Winton, Rhea Beer & Michel Pilloud THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALL THEM!!! T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H ! !