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The SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard is produced by SMART Technologies Inc., first introduced in 1991, although the boards only started to be implemented and installed in school systems in the mid-2000's, around 2004[1]. The board is connected to a computer's USB port (which allows the board to interact with the computer). The computer is then connected to either a projector or on rear projection models, back to the board. A live image of the computer is then displayed. The board is used in offices and classrooms for presentations and lectures, and, since it is interactive, the user may use one of four felt-tipped "markers" to draw on the image projected. The markers actually do not contain ink, but when the board finds a marker missing, it knows to draw in the color missing. The SMARTboard is designed for students that cannot use a traditional mouse, as all they need to interact with their computer is their finger.

The SMARTBoard package includes the SMARTNotebook program, which is a drawing pad designed for the board, though it may be drawn on the computer with a mouse.
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