Health Calculators



Activity Calorie Calculator
Calculate the number of calories you burn for 156 activities. Fill in your weight and the average amount of time you spend working out. If you enter the time as one minute, you'll you know how many calories your body burns per minute for each activity.

Asthma Calculator
This calculator can help you determine if asthma is causing you to be out of breath. [New URL]

Bladder Control Calculator
This calculator can help you determine the reasons why you may be always looking for a bathroom. [New URL]

Blood-Alcohol Content Calculator
This calculator can help you determine your BAC [Blood-Alcohol Content].

Body Fat Estimator
This estimator uses two different methods, one based on height and weight, the other based on waist size and weight, to estimate your body fat. (Taking the results with a large grain of salt is recommended.)

Body Height Weight Converter [UPDATE]
Converts body height and body weight from American to metric and from metric to American units. [New URL]

Body Surface Area Calculator for Medication Doses
Calculates Body Surface Area for medication doses and includes descriptive statistics.

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator
Calculate a woman's probability of developing breast cancer, using risk factors.

Calorie Calculator
Enter your height, weight, age, sex and daily activity level to find your calorie calculations.

Calorie Control Council's Enhanced Calorie Calculator [UPDATE]
Search the database for the foods you've eaten (or plan to eat) throughout the day. Calculator will generate number of calories and fat grams for your daily diet. Follow the directions at the bottom of the page. [New URL]

Calories Burned Calculator
Before starting those hours of straining, stretching, huffing and puffing, use this calculator to find out how many calories per minute you burn with each exercise. You enter the number of minutes you spend doing listed activities.

Carbohydrate Calculator
This calculator helps you determine what is your daily carbohydrate intake requirement.

Caregivers' Readiness Calculator
This calculator helps you assess your readiness to be a caregiver while helping you find practical ways to get help and learn how to cope with the stresses of caregiving.

Cholesterol Reduction Calculator
This calculator helps you determine if you are at risk for heart disease.

Cost of Smoking Calculator
Have you got money to burn?

Depression Calculator
This calculator will help you determine if what you're feeling is more than the blues.

Diabetes Type II Risk Calculator
This calculator helps you determine if you are at risk for adult-onset diabetes.

Due Date Calculator
Use this calculator to figure out when your baby is due.

Exercise Risk Calculator
Use the Exercise Risk Calculator to determine whether or not you should consult a physician before starting an exercise program.

Fat Intake Calculator
What is your recommended daily fat intake?

Fiber Calculator
This calculator helps you determine your daily fiber requirement.

Growth Percentile Calculator
See how your child's measurements compare to those of his or her peers.

Heart Disease Risk Calculator
This calculator can assess the likelihood that you will experience coronary heart disease in the next 10 years.

Height Prediction Calculator
This calculator will predict how tall a child is likely to be. You enter the child's sex, age, weight and height and the height of the child's mother and father.

HIV Risk Calculator
Use the HIV risk quiz to help you determine whether you should take an HIV test.

Nicotine Dependency Calculator
This nicotine dependency test will help determine your level of nicotine addiction.

Ovulation Calculator
To help determine the time range for ovulation, this ovulation calculator takes day 14, the middle day in the spread, and the length of your cycle, as its variables.

The Post-Baby Weight-Loss Calculator
Helps you determine how many calories you should eat to lose those post-baby pounds.

Preconception Weight Loss or Gain Calculator
"Planning to get pregnant? Getting down -- or up -- to your ideal body weight can help you have a healthier pregnancy. How much should you weigh? Find out here. "

Pregnancy Calendar
Generate a customized day-by-day calendar of your pregnancy based on your baby's due date.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Estimator
Not sure how much weight you're supposed to gain? And where does it all go, anyway? Enter your pre-pregnancy height and weight, and you'll get an estimate.

Protein Calculator
Are you eating enough protein?

Sleep Calculator
Are you getting the sleep you need?

Stress Calculator
Use the stress calculator to categorize how stressed you are.

Target Heart Rate Calculator
You enter your personal statistics to find your target heart rate while exercising.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
Are you an apple or a pear?