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The name for God, Hu
By Peter Adams

The LOVE IS IN ALL (HU) to hear and know the love of (SOUL). LISTEN TO THE SOUND

HU, The Voice of Love is in all life, in birds, whisper, voice, sound, music, peace, breath, animals, kisses, touches, rivers, canyons, wind, rain, and silence, et all

The nature of Soul is to know Hu, and to Know love. That is all it knows. It is in giving, loving, and being. And now we hear the song of songs, and so share the universal language.

THE music in your soul IS THE music that is life, and that same music that in the creator is that which allows us to be a channel and touch the love of God, and know, we exist of its love.

So far, we know Hu as the personification of Divine Utterance. However, some legends maintain that he was not just a part of creation, but that he was the creator. It is said that as Hu drew his first breath, there was in that sound the essence of his name. Hence, we have the name Hu, which sounds remarkably like the sound of an expelling breath.

With each breath Hu expelled, creation took place. The first breath created the Soul of HU. His last creation was the Sun. So it is said that Hu is the Word of God, the first and the last breaths, Hu Hu.

The Ancients recognized the HU and the Sphinx at the Giza Plateau is one image of Hu. The next stage for all mankind is to recognize the HU, the sound, and then finally the master, that is the love of spirit, not as a man, but as the eternal primordial master and teacher and that being in all life

The Hu, the master, and the spirit has many names, but it is not available to those who consider only the human state.

It is through the Hu, and Hu as a creator being, that one begins to realize this world is illusion, and that our being, physical and spiritual, is all integrated with divine being, with HU. But it is more than practice. It is more than experience. This is for those who would understand, to understand. For love is it's own reward. Hhhhoooooooo.

This word, the Word of God, would be chanted all through the night symbolizing the night of progressive creating. The final act of the ritual came at sunrise. As the sun rose out of the East, the last breath of Hu was recognized.

Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, notes, Hu is the ancient name of God, a love song to God. When Soul has heard this sound, Soul yearns to go home.

Eckankar uses the singing of Hu's name as a spiritual connection to the Heart of God. They sing the name Hu to draw closer to the Divine Being. For the people who follow this faith, the desires are reported to be love, freedom, wisdom, and truth.

Eckankar teaches of the spiritual essence, the Light and Sound, and connects everyone with the Heart of God. This Light and Sound is the ECK, or Holy Spirit. Direct Aspects of God opens the deep spiritual potential within each of us. The Light and Sound purify, uplift, and direct us on our journey to home.

In the Eckankar, Hu is always, as is Soul, and HU is of you, as you are of HU!

Hu may be considered a minor god in some ways, but it ís obvious that Hu was a not-so-minor god to most Ancient Egyptians.

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