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Liquidarianism Liquidarianism
- living of liquids alone

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Before attempting a liquidarian diet, I advise you to start with experiencing vegetarianism, veganism, raw foods first. I will add pages on it soon.

Liquidarianism is a wonderful way to eat. It provides you with a safe, comfortable and extremely pleasant step in between of your eating and your breatharianism. Do not skip this important step as it is vital for your preparation for breatharianism. Liquidarianism gives you the glimpse of what breatharianism will be like, whereas you can feel absolutely safe as to nutrition intake and providing your body with all that it needs. For the best way of eating, for the way of still eating that is closest to breatharianism, and for simply a wonderful way of life that you will benefit from in so many ways, liquidarianism is what you needed.

What liquidarianism is
Again, I only have my own experiences to refer to. Liquidarianism is quite unknown and sadly perhaps unusual. Liquidarianism is, as one might guess from looking at its name, the eating of liquids alone. None of what the liquidarian consumes is chewed.
A liquidarian makes liquid foods. In the beginning state of liquidarianism, I very strongly recommend a heavy use of nutrient supplements in these foods. The things eaten do not consist of merely water or juices. No, thick liquids make the largest part of the diet.

Why liquidarianism?
The benefits are many, some of which include:
-You don't dehydrate because first of all, you stop eating heavy dry foods that increase your water needs, and secondly you provide your body with a wonderful abundance of liquid from the things you eat.
-You don't suffer from constipation and don't lose a lot of energy which formerly was spent by your body on food digestion and managing densely packed dry foods in your intestines.
-Nutrients are much much more easily absorbed. Your stomach doesn't have to first digest your food into small pieces, as you have already done a great part of this job. It takes less work and effort for you to prepare your foods before eating them, than it does for your body to do the job.
-Your skin is well hydrated and you get a very youthful, beautiful healthy appearance.
-Your entire body is thriving on the liquidarian diet and you get a beautiful white shimmer around you, a special kind of charisma. You are surrounded by a freshness.
-Eye sight clears up and you get shimmering beautiful clear eyes like the eyes of an infant.
-Not that it's the point, you save a lot of money and effort that would be spent on the work dealing with food acquiring, preparation and the cleaning up after.
-You may notice a personality change. You feel happier, calmer and get an amazing clarity to your thoughts.
-All the energy your body saves? Your body can use the well needed energy on things other than food digestion. You'll be amazed at the benefits and difference. See for yourself!

Any difficulties or dangers with liquidarianism?
If you do this properly, you are absolutely safe. It is because I will recommend you to use such ingredients to your liquid foods that make it absolutely safe even if you aren't in tune to the light that will nourish you when you later on let go of foods. One danger is the same as I will mention in all aspects of changing eating habits... the sense of starvation. If you start to feel hungry for solid foods while trying liquidarianism - eat solid foods! Remember that it is not failure, you are getting to breatharianism and can't make the process faster, or slower!
As to difficulties. If you aren't already used to people asking questions about your "strange eating habits", you are bound to encounter such fuss now. Liquidarianism is unusual. So what I am saying that difficulties would not be within you, but would be within other people.

What to eat on a liquidarian diet
Your foods consist of liquids. Preferably only or mostly thick liquids. Liquids with the thickness of water are not recommended, as this food of yours will be nutrient packed and needs to be bit more solid, otherwise IF you aren't in tune to light you starve, and you will also experience hunger if you aren't ready. The thing here is to wean off from eating solids. Consider it a fun and thrilling experience, I think you'll love it! I do!

You are preferably a vegetarian or vegan already. Why? You simply do NOT make liquidarian foods out of meat or meat ingredients! It's because liquids will quickly raise your energy (making you closer to the state in which you receive light and manifest it into nutrients) whereas meat is of such a dense, low vibration material that it will ruin everything. If you hunger meat, simply go back and wait until you go liquidarian.
Also, do not include eggs. Since eggs would be raw in your foods. I always heard of how nutritious and healthy it is to eat raw eggs, so I tried. They were so toxic that within an hour I got my menstruation - a sign of the body being in such panic that it has to get rid of an amount of blood in an attemt to purify it. (One of the reasons women live longer than men do.) So no eggs included because of their toxicity.
Dairy creates mucus and is not recommended. The thing here is to go to less and less dense eating, whereas thick mucus isn't what we're after. In spite of this, dairy can be included in small quantities on one condition that makes it more ok: mix it with water. If you eat yoghurt, add water. Milk to be used in only the smallest of quantities. No cheese, no powdered milk, or such.
So that's what you don't use. Another thing you should have weaned off from, is cooking foods. A liquidarian diet is not cooked/heated.
Some of what you could use as ingredients for your liquidarian meals: fruit, sprouts from legumes, grains and seeds, soy milk, flavors such as vanilla powder or cocoa powder, honey, a bit of olive oil. And... I recommend to add lots of nutrients - not to be exaggerated though.

This page isn't complete yet. And it will consist of merely my own experiences. Your own intuition will tell you what's right for your own body. I will elaborate on this page soon. Take care if you try the liquidarian diet.