La vendetta di aquila nera (1951)

"The Return of the Black Eagle"
Rossano Brazzi
Gianna Maria Canale
Franca Marzi, 1926-1989
Vittorio Sanipoli
Peter Trent (see I contrabbandieri del mare)

Riccardo Freda (see Aquila nera)

Alessandro Continenza, co-writer (see Aquila nera)

Set Designer
Piero Filippone

"In this Russian adventure, a Russian soldier returns home and finds that his family has been abused by a cruel local landowner. To get his revenge, the soldier disguises himself as the fearsome masked man, the Black Eagle, and mayhem ensues as he begins to systematically pillage the rich man's domain. When the Black Eagle meets the landowner's lovely daughter, he falls madly in love. To get to her, he then pretends to be a French tutor. In the end, his true identity is revealed, but fortunately, his brave band of men rush to his rescue and an exciting battle ensues." Rossano plays Vladimir Dubrowski, the "Black Eagle".
From "The All Movie Guide"

Gianna Maria Canale was a runner-up in the Miss Italia contest and later married director Riccardo Freda.
Marzi also worked on Eran 300.
Sanipoli also worked on La donna che invento l'amore, Il figlio di Lagardere and Il boia di Lilla.
Freda was known alternatively as Robert Hampton and/or George Lincoln.

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