Russicum (1987)

"The Third Solution"
F. Murray Abraham
Danny Aiello
Rossano Brazzi
Nigel Court
Leopoldo Mastelloni
Rita Rusic
Treat Williams

Pasquale Squitieri


Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori for the Cecci Gori Group
Distributed by RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video

The good news is that this is one of the best written films he's had the good fortune to appear - he stars with Treat Williams, Danny Aiello and F. Murray Abraham. The bad news is that, for reasons known only to the Cecchi Gori Brothers, he's dubbed in this -- and considering the length of the role, it's frustrating.

The plot involves the CIA (naturally) testing the loyalty of Aiello (the U.S. ambassador) by plotting to use Georgian (Russian) nationalists to prevent the pope's visit to Moscow. It's a complicated plot, but extremely well done.

Rossano plays a shadowy operative, Marini, known as "Cook", who specializes in information and works in the peripheral shadows of the political machinations - he is wonderfully mysterious and detached in this, until he is needed to save Williams from his own government.

We are desperately trying to find the Italian version - this film is so excellently done we really want to see and hear the undubbed version - we'll announce it when we find one.

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