Il ponte di vetro (1940)

"The Bridge of Glass"

Goffredo Alessandrini
Piero Ballerini (1901-1955)

Regina Bianchi
Rossano Brazzi
Marina Doge
Fosco Giachetti (1904-1974)
Pola Isa
Adriano Rimoldi
Carlo Romano
Felice Romano
Filippo Scelzo

Piero Ballerini

Piero Ballerini
Gerardo de Angelis

Mario Bonotti
Eraldo da Roma

Art Director
Alfredo Manzi

Set Designer
Gustavo Abel

Director of Photography
Ubaldo Arata (1895-1947)

Umberto Mancini
Edgardo Carducci

94 minutes

Scalera Films

Synopsis and Review
Not available at this time.

"Alessandrini repeated the success of his first film, directing Rossano, with Isa Pola and Filippo Scelzo in "Il ponte di vetro/The Bridge of Glass", even if it was interrupted, in the first phase of production, by a falling reflector that fell on the head of the young actor, forcing him into the hospital for a week."
Rossano Brazzi: Complete Actor, by Pietro Osso, 1942

Alessandrini also directed Noi Vivi/Addio Kira and Furia. He was married to actress Anna Magnani, who worked with Rossano on Vulcano.
Manzi also composed music for Il bravo di Venezia.
Abel also worked on Il bravo di Venezia, É caduta una donna, Il re si diverte, Una signora dell o'vest and I due foscari.
Arata also worked on Il processo e morte di Socrate, Tosca, É caduta una donna, Il re si diverte, Una signora dell o'vest and I due foscari.
Mancini also composed music for Il bravo di Venezia.
Giachetti may be more well known as Leo Kovalensky's nemesis in Noi Vivi/Addio Kira. Coincidentally, he also appeared in a film titled La Monaca di Monza, but this was a 1962 version, not the one in which Rossano appeared.
Pola Isa (real name: Maria Luisa Betti di Montesano) also appeared in Una signora dell o'vest and Furia.
Rimoldi also appeared in Tosca
Carlo Romano also appeared in La casa senza tempo.
Felice Romano also appeared in Aquila nera
Filippo Scelzo also appeared in Il processo e morte di Socrate, Kean, L'ingiusta condanna and Io E Caterina.

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Rossano in a scene from Il ponte di vetro

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