World's Worst Poetry Contest

Does everyone tell you that you have a natural flair for churning out really, really bad poetry? Our on-going "Really, Really Bad Ode to Rossano Brazzi" contest continues to inspire the very worst in rhymes, hiccoops (that's a cross between a haiku and a hiccup), limer-"icks" and lots of other incomprehensible, illegible stuff, of which (some) of us are (justifiably) quite proud. It's not easy to publicly humiliate yourself, 'ya know.

Care to contribute your own really, really bad poem? It's easy: the rules are:

  1. It has to be publishable. In other words, try not to offend everybody who inadvertently wanders over here and stumbles upon your masterpiece,
  2. It has to be about Rossano Brazzi, and
  3. It has to be really, REALLY bad!

    Use the examples as inspiration, and ... have fun!

    Your Masterpiece:

    Thank you! And you are ...?:
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