The Battle of Austerlitz (1960)

"Napoleon ad Austerlitz"
Jean-Marc Bory
Rossano Brazzi
Claudia Cardinale
Martine Carol
Leslie Caron
Jacques Castelot
Andre Certes
Claude Conty
Davout D'Auerstaedt
Vittorio De Sica
Louis Eymond
Anna-Maria Ferrero
Jean-Louis Horbette
Ettore Manni
Georges Marchal (see La Contessa di Castiglione)
Jean Marais
Pierre Marteville
Jean Mercure
Pierre Mondy
Jack Palance
Polycarpe Pavloff
Pierre Peloux
Elvire Popesco
Jean-Francois Remi
Jean-Louis Richard
Daniella Rocca
Michel Simon (see Tosca)
Anthony Stuart
Pierre Tabard
Maurice Teynac
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Henri Vidon
Janez Vrhovec
Orsen Welles

Abel Gance

Abel Gance
Roger Richebe

Director of Photography
Henri Alekan

Jean Ledrut

Jean Douarino

By all accounts, Rossano is reported to have played Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother. Rossano's name even appears in many of the cast lists provided by the video companies offering the video for sale.

Good luck finding him, though -- Leonard Maltin in his TV Movie & Video Guide reports that the conversion from film to video resulted in 23 minutes being cut from the movie -- and it appears that all 23 minutes were Rossano's! He's been cut from the credits, cut from the finished project - he's not in here, folks! (And believe me, we've looked).

When we find a complete version of the film, we'll let you know.

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