Maria Malibran (1943)

Guido Brignone (see Kean)

Director of Photography
Anchise Brizzi

Rossano Brazzi
Maria Cebotari
Gustav Diessl (see Il bravo di Venezia)
Loris Gizzi
Tina Lattanzi (see La Gorgona)
Lina Tartara Minora
Rina Morelli
Ernesto Sabbatini (1878-1954)

Director of Production
Luigi Giacosi

Art Director

Virgilio Marchi (1895-1960)

Brizzi worked on La donna che inventa l'amore and Il conte aquila.
Cebotari was a Rumanian opera singer (1910-1949)
Gizzi worked on something that Rossano SHOULD have been involved in, but wasn't: the 1968 production of: Il figlio di Aquila nera! He also worked on the 1958 film Io e Caterina - Rossano's version was released in 1980.
Morelli also worked on Aquila nera.
Sabbatini also worked on Cronaca di due secoli.

Viewer's Comments

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