Final Justice (1985)

Helena Abella
Bettina Amato-Gauci
Joe Don Baker
Odetta Balzan
Larry Bock
Rossano Brazzi
Lino Cassar
Tony Cassar-Darien
Stephan Chow
Greydon Clark
Josie Coppini
Tony Ellul
Jan Karl Ferrugia
Marie Klaire Ferrugia
Lina Galea-Gumbo
Rachel Gambin
Joe Gatt
Lino Grech
Mark Haber
Josephine Mahoney
Paola Marcari
Bill McKinney
Iris Mifsud
Silvan Mifsud
Paul Mizzi
Tony Palermo
Patrizia Pellegrino
Joe Quattromani
John Suda
Charles Tahir
Charles Take
Joe Theuma
Venantino Venantini

Greydon Clark (also writer and producer)
Michael Kissaun (2nd Asst Dir)

Director of Photography
Nicholas Von Sternberg

David Bell

Larry Bock
Marcia Dripchak, Assistant (USA)
Alfred Caruana, Assistant (Malta)

Special Effects
Mario Cassar

Joyce Aquilina

Lina Galea-Cumbo

Iris Mifsud

Production Manager
Albert Galea (Malta)
Peter George (Coordinator)
Gene George (Assistant)
Dana Scott (Assistant)
Thomas Abdilla

Sound Recording
Joe Debono

Teddy Borg
Alex Aquilina
Norman Aquilina
Raymond Borg
Jesmond Bugeja
Alex Calleja
Raymond Calleja
Elvisio Cannori
Frank Cassar
Micki Farrugia
Roberto Messina
Lawrence Micallef
Robert Warden
James Davies

Music Supervisor
John Caper, Jr.

David Bell (Score)
Moacir Santos (Carnival Music)
David Morgan (The Sound of Justice, song)
Bill Scott and Neal Ferraro (You Better Run, song)
Bill Scott and Larry Ketchell (Look At Me Dancin', song)

Louis George and Greydon Clark in association with Arista Films and Mediterranean Film productions
Daryl Kass (Associate Producer)


90 minutes, color

A quick plot summary: two mafiosi murder the friend of a southern redneck American sheriff, with the improbable name of Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III. (Joe Don Baker). He kills one, captures the other (Venantino Venantini) and has to escort the survivor back to Italy. Once in Italy, the criminal in custody escapes and goes into hiding at the estate of the very rich and powerful mafia baron, Don LaManna (our hero!!! Well, ok, maybe he's not supposed to be, but he's Rossano Brazzi. So what if he runs a pornographic business??) and the chase is on.

For those of us who prefer being forwarned: way too much violence, way too much nudity and semi-nudity, a brutal shower rape scene, prostitution, gushing blood ... you name it, it's in here. Even worse, this is one of those "ain't we the coolest?" American films aimed at brain-dead American rednecks who swagger around crowing that Americans can "beat the crap" out of everyone else in the world. In this case, Joe Don Baker feels compelled to hold the entire Italian judicial system up to ridicule, a xenophobic point of view which, were he anywhere but in a movie, would have given him an immediate taste of the real thing. The Italian police are nowhere as dimwitted, or as tolerant of the ridiculous behavior of Baker's character, as this film would suggest. In any event, those as seriously misguided and misinformed as Mr. Baker will love this movie; the remainder of us will cringe. Except for Rossano (the only actor in the movie with anything approaching dignity), this entire film is little more than a violent and offensive embarrassment. But buy it anyway ... Rossano's quite charming in it, criminal or not.

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