Il bravo di Venezia (1941)

"Il bravo is not easily translated. Typically, the 'bravi" class in Italy referred to young men who aligned themselves with powerful nobles, acting as protectors, guards, warriors. Depending on the moral character of the nobleman in question, they could also be dangerous, drunken, law-breaking louts. In this film, the word may mean a "swashbuckling hero, a brave, courageous warrior", etc. Very loosely, we'll translate this as "The Hero of Venice".

Paola Barbara
Rossano Brazzi
Romano Calò 1883-1952
Emilio Cigoli
Valentina Cortese
Giorgio Costantini
Gustav Diessl
Alfredo Martinelli
Giacomo Moschini (see Il re si diverte)
Erminio Spalla (1897-1971)
Giulio Tempesti

Carlo Campogalliani
Domenico Gaido, AD, also costumes
Roberto Bianchi Montero

Set Designer
Gustavo Abel (see Il ponte di vetro )

Umberto Mancini (see Il ponte di vetro)

Director of Photography
Otello Martinelli (see Kean)

Scalera Films

Not available at this time.

Barbara also worked on Il re si diverte.
Cigoli also worked on Noi Vivi/Addio, Kira
Valentina Cortese worked with Rossano over many decades: Il signora dell o'vest, I dieci comandamenti, Il passatore, Il corriere del re, La contessa scalza (in English, it's better known as The Barefoot Contessa. She plays his sister), Il conte aquila, Il cav Costante Nicosia demonaico (Dracula in the Provinces). She was married to American actor Richard Basehart.
Diessl, an Austrian, also worked on Maria Malibran.
Spalla also worked on I due Foscari. He was also a boxing champion, and bass singer.
Campogalliani also directed Silenzio, si gira!
Gaido worked as both an assistant director, and on the costumes. He also worked on costumes for La gorgona.
Montero also worked on I contrabbandieri del mare.

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