La grande aurora (1946)

"The Great Dawn"
Rossano Brazzi
Renee Faurè
Giovanni Grasso (see Noi Vivi)
Michele Riccardini
Yvonne Sanson (see Aquila nera)
Guglielmo Sinaz, 1885-1947 (see Redenzione)
Cesare Zavattini, 1902-1989 (see É caduta una donna)

G.M. Scotese, also co-writer

"In this Italian melodrama, a young musical prodigy who wants to become a professional finds himself arguing with his wealthy grandfather, who wants him to pursue other paths. The boy's dad, a composer with little talent, becomes a clown in Paris so that he can help the lad's mother get custody of the boy from the grandfather. The boy has other plans. Enlisting the aid of a local priest, the boy organizes a full orchestera which he conducts during their open air concert. After the concert the mother and father are reunited and the grandfather changes his mind."
From: "The All-Movie Guide"

Rossano plays Renzo Gamba, the father of the boy; and Renee Faurè plays his wife.

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