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            Welcome to the newest section of my site where you can download many Harry Potter things. Including screen savers and the lumos font! Know that some if not all these downloads may need win zip to unzip them. Click here to download Winzip. Below all the file links you should find some pictures and descriptions to the files. If a description isn't there then there isn't going to be a description.

To View a picture of the Fonts, Click here.

To View a picture of the Wallpapers, Click here.

Download Totals

Screensavers: 8 total          Wallpapers: 15 total           Bookmarks: 6 total            Fonts: 18 total

Sounds: 3 Total                Total Downloads: 40


Harry Potter Quidditch Screen Saver

Harry Potter Owl Theme

Harry Potter Theme Package

Scholastic Harry Potter Screen Saver

Webmistresses Movie Screensaver

Webmistresses Potter Screensaver

Harry Potter Stars Screensaver

Harry Potter Covers Screensaver



My Friends Harry Potter Wallpaper

Harry Potter Owl Wallpaper

Harry Potter Movie Wallpaper

Harry Potter Movie 2 Wallpaper

Owl Wallpaper

Webmistresses Harry Potter Wallpaper

Harry Potter Book 5 Wallpaper

Movie Owl Wallpaper

Hogwarts 2 Wallpaper

Harry Wallpaper!

Collage Wallpaper!

Characters Wallpaper!

Collage 2 Wallpaper!

Harry & Friends Wallpaper!

Cast Wallpaper



Bookmark #1

Bookmark #2

Bookmark #3

Bookmark #4

Bookmark #5

All Bookmarks



Lumos Font

Parseltongue Font

Witchhouse Font

Sorcerer's Font

Harry Potter Font

Parry Hotter Font

Harry Potter Font 2

Snitch Font

Glasses Font

Bounce1 Font

Creeplt Font

FDDC_Sparkly Font

Festus_ Font

Killswitch Font

Potterfuse Font

Under Attack Fonts

Wizardry Font

Wizzard Font



Download Quidditch

Download Lupin's Voice

Download Gryffindor

Harry Potter Quidditch Saver


Harry Potter Owl Theme
Do you want an owl like Harry Potter? Based on the owl post in the J.K. Rowling best selling series. Sound bites, icons and screensaver included. You can watch owls fly across the screen delivering mail. Very Cool. I have it and love it.

Harry Potter Desktop Themes

Here's a double theme pack based on the Harry Potter book series. 'Harry Potter 1' and 'Harry Potter 2' theme settings are included, each with 640x480 JPG wallpaper images, matching color schemes, icons and cursors. Sound effects from various sources are shared between each theme along with web view images and a Harry Potter screensaver.


Scholastic Harry Potter Screensaver

It's really cool it chooses various things from the Books and gives you info about them. This is currently my favorite screensaver. Click here for a preview of it.