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This year at our Christmas table there now sits an empty place.
Where we will no longer see our beloved Justin's precious face.
No matter what we now all may say or celebrate or try to do.
There's just no getting over it Justin, we will all be missing you.

We'll say a loving prayer for you, we'll send you all our love.
In hopes you're listening to us dear one in Heaven far above.
It's our first Christmas you aren't here, what will we all do?
We only know this much for sure, we'll all be missing you!

Christmas was a special time of year you always did enjoy.
The spirit never went away from when you were just a little boy.
It's just this past year our beloved that not one of us really knew.
That we'd be spending this Christmas sitting here sadly missing you.

We love you our dearest Justin and we're sad you went away.
But we know you're with our Lord on this special Christmas Day.
You're forever in our hearts, though our spirits may be blue.
We'll spend the rest of our lives Justin deeply missing you.

And when our lives on this ol' earth have also come to cease to be.
We'll be together forever dear Justin in sweet eternity.
Then time will gently erase the pain, our grief it will undo.
And never again sweet Justin will we be forever missing you!


May All Our Lives Be

Justin Anthony McCoy

Pixie's Place 2003

Marlene Fay Porter

2002-2003 Marlene Porter is the author of all the original poetry on Pixie's Place Memorials 2002-2003. These original poems are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way without the author's express written consent.