Gillian Anderson
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Her interesting story from being a nobody to a celebrity...

Gillian Anderson, like most people, started her journey by being born in a hospital on August 9, 1968 in Cook County, Chicago. Gillian and her family headed south to the sunny beaches and hurricane-prone island of Puerto Rico because he father had gotten a job down there. After successfully avoiding a major hurricane, surviving the heat/humidity and possibly even picking up a few good dirty words in Spanish along the way, the Andersons moved to London, England. Gillian spent the next nine years in England before returning to the States and for some unknown reason choose Grand Rapids, Michigan to call home. She did come back after all with a cool accent and not to mention a taste for punk music. Hey, that stuff has a way of growing on you; one day you're normal, then you put on a Sex Pistol's CD and BAM! you get a nose ring, wear combat boots, dye your hair many different colors, and walk around giving people the finger. In Grand Rapids, Gillian attended City High School, graduating in 1986, and like most American youth from her generation had absolutely no clue what to do with her life. Although she did say something about wanting to become something that's name ended with an "ology," i.e. Marine Biology, Archeology etc... It wasn't until after probably being really bored that she tried her hand at acting. Acting, in her own words, "saved her life," So began the long and winding road of her acting career. First stop? You guessed it, more school. Gillian returned to where it all began -- Chicago, but a much happier Chicago. In Chicago, Gillian studied acting at DePaul University's Goodman Theater and earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Eventually someone (an agent, but not with the FBI) noticed that she indeed could act and offered to represent her, but she would have to move to New York. Well, thanks to Henry Ford and his invention, Gillian, at the ripe old age of 22, loaded up her car and made a bee-line straight for the Big Apple -- New York City, the city that never sleeps. In New York, Gillian was able to put all that education and training in acting to good use as a waitress. I think it's some kind of law Moses brought down from the mountain just for actors: Thou must wait on tables before becoming an actor (or in this case an actress, if you want to be politically correct). Gillian's first success came in 1991 when she won a Theater World Award in an off- Broadway play, 'Absent Friends.' Followed by more waiting on tables and a low budget feature 'The Turning' -- which is a now classic by the way, even though it isn't a very good movie, it's still a classic 'cause she's in it. Gillian did one more play, 'The Philanthropist,' before doing what most theater actors say they would never do, but do anyway -- she moved to LA (It's another one of those laws that Charlton Heston, I mean Moses, brought down from the mountain... only these start out with, "I will never do."). So the next step in the long and winding road was making an audio tape version of Anne Rice's novel Exit to Eden. Then it was time to break another one of those "I will never do" acting rules again. This time it was the "I will never do TV" one and Gillian promptly began doing auditions. After several auditions, Gillian landed her first TV role: a guest spot on a very, very, very short-lived series, "Class of 96." Shortly thereafter or sometime soon (I'm pretty sure it's a blur to her too), her last unemployment check arrived. But it didn't matter -- because karma works -- Gillian found out that she got a new job as Special Agent Dana Scully on a new TV show, "The X-Files." At first nobody noticed The X-Files except for people like me. The Fox Network slated a new show for their Friday night line up: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (which nobody watched, followed by The X-Files. Slowly, especially during the summer when it was rerun season and people were bored out of their minds (some even thinking about spending time with their families instead of watching TV), The X-Files started amassing a following. It started out as a cult hit -- that's what you call a show whose ratings suck but sells merchandise and has a huge internet following. The X-Files slowly made the jump from cult hit to mainstream TV when, after winning a Golden Globe for best drama series and being nominated for numerous other awards, America went on-line. Of course, two unknown actors got caught up in all this madness and became virtual Gods, I mean stars (okay, everyone get up and stop your groveling). Their names are already etched in sci-fi folklore -- see, Clyde Bruckman was right! Scully will never die. From here everybody knows the rest, but I will go ahead and write it anyway. After a very long courtship (a whole four months), Gillian flew to Hawaii and on the 17th hole (I think it was the 17th hole) of a golf course, she married Clyde Klotz. It was New Years Day (January 1, 1994) and the ceremony was performed by a Buddhist Monk. Clyde Klotz worked as an art director for The X-Files during the first season but now works as freelance artist. Ah, but what came next was the biggest and best surprise of all -- the real reason why Scully was abducted by aliens. On September 25, 1994, Gillian gave birth to her pride and joy (no, not a Stevie Ray Van song) Piper Maru. Piper is the light in Gillian's life, the apple of her eye, and also a permanent fixture in The X-Files studio. Yeah, and they hang her next to Chris Carter's surf board and David's red speedos! I bet she even looks forward to playing the "daughter of the flukeworm" role in a future episode someday. Gillian, Clyde, Piper, Cleo and any other pet or person they may have picked up along the way currently make their home in the forever rainy but lovely city of Vancouver, British Columbia. 1996 seems to be turning into a great year for the cast, crew and production staff of The X-Files. But the most important thing -- awards. Well, Gillian is finally getting them and that is all that matters. This year The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awarded The Best Actress in a Television Drama to Gillian Anderson -- and there was much rejoicing. See some of these award people do have brains (and you thought they were all mindless fools who just Christmas-treed their ballots like the people that vote for the Oscars!).You can see THE Xfiles Sunday 9:00pm on Fox. For Reruns of the show you can see that on Everyday, at 6:00pm on FX.

Other Info

Profile~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Full Name:Gillian Leigh Anderson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date of Birth:August 9th, 1968~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hospital of Birth:St. Mary of Nazaret~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ City of Birth:Cook County, Chicago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ State of Birth:Illinois, USA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Hair Color:Ash blond~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eye Color:Blue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Height:5'3"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Husband:Clyde Klotz (divorced)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Children:Piper Maru~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Parents:Edward & Rosemary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Siblings:Zoe & Aaron~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Profession:Actress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILMOGRAPHY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> THREE AT ONCE -- This is a black and white student production filmed in 1986. This film is roughly 20 minutes long and centers around two women and a man who meet at a party. It was created by Robert Hanline and Mike Kuhn. A MATTER OF CHOICE -- Filmed in 1988, this short, silent, black and white film deals with a young woman's moment of choice before entering a back-alley abortion clinic. This film was directed and written by William Davis. THE TURNING -- This film was also released as 'Home Fires Burning' and was Ms. Anderson's first appearance on the big screen. Ms. Anderson had a small role as April Cavanaugh in this film. 'The Turning,' produced by Tribeca Studios, was released in theaters in 1992 and is now available on video. Tess Harper and Karen Allen also starred in this low-budget film. It was directed by L.A. Puopolo and written by Chris Ceraso and L.A. Puopolo. THE MIGHTY -- "The Mighty" is the film adaptation of Rodman Philbrick's novel "Freak the Mighty," about the journey of a boy whose physical growth stops at the age of six. Peter Chelsom directed this 1998 Miramax film. Gillian plays Loretta Lee, who is described as a "scrawny haired biker chick." "The Mighty" was released on Oct. 16, 1998 and also features Sharon Stone, Elden Henson, Kieran Culkin, Gena Rowlands, Harry Dean Stanton, and James Gandolfini. This film is now available on video and DVD. CHICAGO CAB -- "Chicago Cab" is based on the play "Hellcab" by Will Kern, which chronicles a day in the life of a cabdriver during the Christmas holiday. Gillian plays the role of Brenda, a southside Chicago girl. The film, distributed by Castle Hill, had a limited release in the fall of 1998. It was directed by Mary Cybulski and John Tintori and written by Will Kern. It also features John Cusack, Paul Dillon, Moira Harris, Laurie Metcalf, Julianne Moore, and Kevin J. O'Connor. This film is now available on video and DVD. THE X-FILES MOVIE -- This is the 1998 summer blockbuster movie based on the hit TV show "The X-Files." Gillian brought the role of Special Agent Dana Scully to the big screen. This film was released June 19, 1998. It was directed by Rob Bowman and written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. It's also available on video and DVD. PLAYING BY HEART -- This film was released in theaters on Jan. 22, 1999. Gillian plays the role of Meredith, a director of theater and television commercials. This film was directed and written by Willard Carroll and also features Ellen Burstyn, Sean Connery, Anthony Edwards, Angelina Jolie, Jay Mohr, Ryan Phillippe, Dennis Quaid, Gena Rowlands, Jon Stewart, and Madeleine Stowe. It's is now available on video and DVD. THE PRINCESS MONONOKE -- Gillian provides the voice for the animated character Moro in this English adaptation of the Japanese animated film "Princess Mononoke." It was released in the U.S. in 1999 and will soon be available on DVD. HOUSE OF MIRTH --2000 PLaying Lily Bart.