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When I was 19 (at this time I was living in Palm Springs Cali. Death Trap.) Ok these are strange, I was 19 and was living with my grandma at that time. She lived in a country club and I was walking on the golf course and found this hawk ppl were trying to kill it and I saved it took it home. Called the Local Wildlife Angentcy and while on the phone took a few shots with my web cam.

My pal DarkMalichi and I playin' some PS2 2001 (yes I know I need to clean my feet).

Holloween 2002. I was a One Horn One Eye Purple People Eater. That is Luquid Latex I have on me. Dont ask where the Horn is... *winks* the Haunted House I went to most the people were on LSD, X, and a few other things. Trust they all found it fun to just feel me up.. I left shortly after getting there.. (click the pictures for a larger image)

When I was 22 (Drunk and High after winning a diving comp. 58 feet free dive). Some call this the lixxxx site names wont be mentioned here. But I do have to ask, Do I need to improve my tan line?

When I was 22 (DarkMalichi again we went buggie boarding with Jelly Fish that day fun fun)

Swimming anyone? dont Mind the sea turtles

Livin in South Carolina, Meet Diayen

Livin in South Carolina,Jassy and Me

Livin in South Carolina, Jenny and Me

When I was 23 Befor I went to South Carolina.

Feb 2004

May 2004 (gah I turn 24 next month!!!)

Ok welp 8-16-04 Latest Pic of me......

Smugged out are My SSI and Mailing addresses sorry ppls dont get to know where I am.


Custom Made

Someone asked to see my cannon...erm arm *smiles*